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The Prince and the Witch Prisoner | Prinxiety | Finished by inkling0121
The Prince and the Witch Prisoner...by Inkling/Ink
Prince Roman of Drenland has been kidnapped by an unknown man who calls himself "Lord" (self centered much?). He's being held prisoner with one other man, who...
[HIATUS] Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | Prinxiety by Harper_TheLoveQueen
[HIATUS] Can I Fly Too? | Sanders...by Harper
[ON HIATUS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE] Everyone here has their own pair of wings they are born with. It can be the same color, or it could be different colors. Roman h...
Advantage (FINISHED) by Stormy_Cloudsss
Advantage (FINISHED)by Stormy
Virgil was alone in his apartment, he though no one would've been home...or coming for that matter. But when Virgil was getting ready for bed..something bad happened. N...
Assistance Required by Stories_Plus
Assistance Requiredby Stories Plus
SANDERS SIDES COLLEGE AU Virgil is a freshman in college. As a commuter, he doesn't have many opportunities to make friends, until someone comes up to him asking for hel...
Sanders Sides Smut shot  by A_little_falsehood
Sanders Sides Smut shot by 👽_Kai_👽
You know what's gonna happen here... Its gonna be full of sins. Imma be doing all the ships. !!!Except Remus x Roman!!! Read if you dare. Enjoy kiddos!
The Academy of S.I.D.E. by DragonWriter77
The Academy of S.I.D.E.by ZarityWrites
Virgil's always stayed in the shadows... literally. He was born with the ability to control them. He's mostly used it to make shadow creations when he's bored, or talk w...
falling /// sanders sides soulmate au by stanrobbieskinner
falling /// sanders sides soulmate...by just a worm
Patton lives in a world where the first words your soulmate says to you is written on your skin. The permentant presence of the words 'You're in my seat' on his thigh ha...
Sanders Sides x Reader Stuff by PeacefulLavender
Sanders Sides x Reader Stuffby Ginger Bread
so this is just a book with Sanders Sides x reader stuff, Please remember you are special! have an incredible day. I do not own sanders sides (obviously), and I do not...
Sanders Sides One Shots! by SanderShipper
Sanders Sides One Shots!by 💜SanderShipper💜
Hey guys! Here, have a Sanders Sides one shot book, because why not? Guideline things in the first chapter. I'll say now though, NO SMUT/LEMONS. Sorry! •Characters by Th...
Sanders sides smutshots  by FrostedbagelOG
Sanders sides smutshots by I Hate It Here
if your here then you already know the drill Also the cover doesn't belong to me I'm not that talented Achievements: #2 on smutshots (7/24/2020) #3 on Lamp (8/16/2020) #...
Sanders School of Magic (Analogical) by CinnamonAngstRoll
Sanders School of Magic (Analogica...by Gay Frog
6 teens. 5 abilities. 4 shared classes. 3 reasons to hate each other. 2 groups. 1 unlikely romance. Logan is 16. He's a total nerd, and he possesses the ability to mani...
The Boy Across The Street by Zero_the_loser22
The Boy Across The Streetby Zero
Do you remember your childhood crush? Roman Prince sure as hell does. He's never been able to forget him. The boy across the street was probably the prettiest boy Rom...
Our Stormcloud {LAMP} (Yandere AU) by LittleDaffy
Our Stormcloud {LAMP} (Yandere AU)by DaffynIsDead
♥the Yanderes♥ Logan, Roman and Patton are known as the Populars for they looks and talents. Roman and Logan are in the drama club. Roman usually gets the best p...
[HIATUS] Love For A Spider | Sanders Sides | Moxiety by Harper_TheLoveQueen
[HIATUS] Love For A Spider | Sande...by Harper
[ON HIATUS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE] There are not just humans in the world. Humans and.. the others. The others are many different creatures of any sort. Virgil is...
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogical AU] by DewdropStudios
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogica...by Droplet
Pastel!Virgil and Punk!Logan, along with high school au Virgil di Angelo is a pure-hearted, innocent and anxious senior in high school living with his older brother, Rem...
The Orphans   //A Sander Side Orphan Au// by The_Spider-Rose
The Orphans //A Sander Side Orph...by The_Spider-Rose
A Human Au, all of the are orphans. All of them live at the White Lilly Foster Home. Their foster parent, Kelly Cornish is abusive and horrid towards all of them. All o...
The Demon and the Child | Finished by inkling0121
The Demon and the Child | Finishedby Inkling/Ink
Virgil doesn't know it, but he's the son of Lucifer. After his caring mother is killed in a horrible car crash that should have killed Virgil as well, his father realiz...
He Was There (A Logicality Story) *completed* by dumbgay666
He Was There (A Logicality Story)...by dumbgay666
Patton has been in a relationship with Remus for 10 months and they hadn't had sex once. This makes Remus upset and he decides to fix the issue. Some drama and horrid th...
Things Left Unspoken (SandersSidesAU) by Star_675
Things Left Unspoken (SandersSides...by Star
This is a HighSchool AU that takes place at a boarding school A protective brother who is feared A kind but closed off mute A roommate who helps however he can A kid wi...
Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes by Pugtato13
Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotesby Bea
Exactly what the title says it is.