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UNWANTED BRIDE [ GXG ] by IMAEntertainer
The stunningly beautiful bride, Jennie Kim whom everyone desires is in an arranged marriage with a young billionaire, her childhood sweetheart. She is thrilled about tha...
Trial Marriage by selenophilekari
Trial Marriageby selenophilekari
Note: This story is not mine. This is an adaptation of a webnovel entitled " Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard" by passion honey and translated by Yun...
|EXPRESSING IT|Jenlisa by Zemiraaaa_
|EXPRESSING IT|Jenlisaby Zem
How can you express your feelings when you don't even know you have that kind of feelings to that particular person? It's very frustrating knowing that you can't even sa...
HOMOPHOBIC (JENLISA)  by TheDarkKnight027
Lisa never knew that a straight girl like her will be able to turn gay and fell inlove with the same gender. But the thing is, she fell inlove with Jennie Kim. A huge ha...
Blind Date [JENLISA] by BlackpinkSchool
Blind Date [JENLISA]by In Your Area
It all started with a blind date that had... GONE WRONG.
The Princess and The Bitch CEO [JENLISA]  by jcpe17
The Princess and The Bitch CEO [ JPlle
A Princess lost in the city she's not familiar with and far from her Kingdom. A Bitch CEO who's cold to the people she's not close with. When the two meet their journe...
Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic) by BuggyBunny_
Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic)by BuggyBunny
"You're my one and only." "He's Kai, my friend." "I love you, Lisa." Lies. 'What does it take to make you tell me the Truth, Jennie?'
IS IT TIME FOR ME TO GIVE UP? by shaniemies
how long could you wait for the person you love to love you back? are you willing to accept all the pain from her? from one and only jennie kim "if loving her was...
Changing The Devil- JENLISA  by liamrio_mandu
Changing The Devil- JENLISA by Limarioismybae
Lisa Manoban and Jennie Kim both study at Cambridge. They are elites and both are equally good in academics. They both have topped the entrance exam list. They hate each...
|Partner In Crime|  by Lolo_Camz_2002
|Partner In Crime| by it's_jenlisa
Read it , I'm sure you're gonna like it
Falling for Lalisa Manoban by theNobody05
Falling for Lalisa Manobanby theNobody05
Lisa Manoban is the most famous slash most successful bachelorette South Korea has come to know. Despite this, she remained as the loved daughter of the Manoban househol...
The Troublemaker  by theNobody05
The Troublemaker by theNobody05
Lisa Manoban is a star basketball player of Seoul University but she always finds herself to be in trouble. Jennie Kim is the head cheerleader of Seoul University. She i...
WORDS I DIDN'T SAY (JenLisa) by camrenswift13
WORDS I DIDN'T SAY (JenLisa)by camrenswift13
Jennie and Lisa has been feeling something deeper for each other for a long time now. But both women are supressing their feelings for a different reasons. What would ha...
Want Me Back [JenLisa] by mandunini_
Want Me Back [JenLisa]by j
"So you're breaking up with me?" Jennie asked. Lisa slowly nodded her head, seeing with her own eyes how her first love slowly breaks in front of her. "Al...
You Are My Kingdom by ManduLimario
You Are My Kingdomby AJ
"I waited a decade just to see you" A picture that I will treasure until my last breath.
My Annoying Classmate by sicosicopan
My Annoying Classmateby Sico Pan
Short Jenlisa fanfic. This is my first fanfic, please be good to me. Hope you enjoy :))
PRETENDER (JenLisa - Short Story) by BuggyBunny_
PRETENDER (JenLisa - Short Story)by BuggyBunny
"I'm finally in a relationship with Exo's Kai." Jennie-unnie said as she squealed in excitement. "Oh my gosh! Finally! Congratulations Nini!" She sai...
Werewolf-Jenlisa (Complete) by jeieiltei89
Werewolf-Jenlisa (Complete)by jeieiltei89
Jennie Kim didn't know that everything was arranged ever since she was a child. They didn't tell her, until now, when the strangers came into her life. She was force to...
Yes or No? | JenLisa -COMPLETED- by NuhaBatrisyaJamaludi
Yes or No? | JenLisa -COMPLETED-by NotAtHome
Lisa had been courting Jennie for 3 years and she still hasn't got the answer. What's going to happen?