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My Little Chicken (LISOO) by troublesince2002
My Little Chicken (LISOO)by E
You jump, I jump
Take Her To The Moon For Me by AuthorKimManoban
Take Her To The Moon For Meby AuthorKimManoban
"Take her to the moon for me, okay?"
Im GiViNg Up On LoViNg YoU by rubyjane87
Im GiViNg Up On LoViNg YoUby rubyjane87
Jennie and lisa was in a relationship since they were trainees. after being an unofficial couple for many years, something change even after they debuted as BLACKPINK. 1...
Never Ever Again | JENLISA FF [COMPLETED] by bloomingfeather
Never Ever Again | JENLISA FF [ Ryleigh
What will you feel if the two person you trust the most betrayed you? What will you feel if the person you love the most cheated on you? For me, it sucks. They totally b...
Little Lili by XTaishi18
Little Liliby Taishi
What will happen if one day, when the three members of Blackpink went back home from their individual schedule, found a kid in their dorm, not just a kid but a little Li...
Babysitting the Maknae by Lisayaya
Babysitting the Maknaeby Lisayaya
When Lisa turns into a kid, will the rest of Blackpink be able to handle her? And will they be able to turn her back to normal before time runs out?
The Last Time I Saw You by BVLGARILALIX97
The Last Time I Saw Youby lalix
"Babe smilee pleasssee" "Hereee i'm smiling" "Wait babe.." "Baby are you making fun of me? I've been smiling since a minute ago i gues...
I'll Always Remember You (Jensoo) by BrokenKnight014
I'll Always Remember You (Jensoo)by Jacktheripper014
So it's about a girl who suffered an accident when she is 8 years old. She has 3 best friends since childhood but unfortunately, because of this accident, she got in a c...
My Homophobic Psycho 2 [JenLisa GP] by ShadowLove_JL
My Homophobic Psycho 2 [JenLisa GP]by 𝐀𝐢𝐝𝐬
You hummed gracefully as you feel your victory. You hummed as you feel like no one could ever do to what you did. All those bloods around your hand as you wipe your favo...
Danger Upon The Innocent by DurpDogs
Danger Upon The Innocentby DurpDogs
[LiSoo, Mafia AU] Jisoo bit her lip as she turned to look at Mark, "Sorry prettyboy but... this little Angel will now be taking her Demon with her." Jisoo said...
Edelweiss by XI_HannY
Edelweissby HannY
အပြုံးတွေနဲ့မှ အသက်ဆက်နိုင်တာမျိူးပါ Edelweiss တချိူ့သော ရူးမိုက်ခြင်းတွေမှာ အကြောင်းပြချက် ကင်းမဲ့ပါတယ်...။
Coming back to you (Jensoo) by The_black_hornet
Coming back to you (Jensoo)by Broken Soul
This is the 2nd book of 'She is my wife?!!'. If you didn't read it yet, first read it or you won't understand this story, well it's your choice though. "I will make...
k.jisoo oneshots by subbychu
k.jisoo oneshotsby jj 4 eva
collection of oneshots surrounding jisoo being a bottom
✨ My Favourite Mistake✨  [Unicode, Zawgyi] by hsuhkomyat
✨ My Favourite Mistake✨ [ hsuhkomyat
အေၾကာင္​းအရင္​းတစ္​ခုခုေၾကာင္​့ အလြဲလြဲ အေခ်ာ္​ေခ်ာ္​နဲ႔ Jisoo နတ္​သမီးေလးက သာမန္​လူသားမေလး lisa ကို ေစာင္​့ေရွာက္​ဖို႔ ေရာက္​လာခဲ့သည္​ အခ်စ္​ေရးကံမေကာင္​းတဲ့ Lisa နဲ႔...
Babysitting the Unnies by Lisayaya
Babysitting the Unniesby Lisayaya
When Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo all turn into kids, it's Lisa's turn to take care of them. Sequel to Babysitting the Maknae
The CEO's Beloved Wife (Jenlisa Adaptation) by Khaiylee97
The CEO's Beloved Wife (Jenlisa Khaiylee97
She lost everything to one scheme, and only then did she realize that the Woman she had always treated with coldness and indifference was actually deeply in love with he...
Jenlisa || Story Recommendation [✔] by malihahossain12
Jenlisa || Story Recommendation [✔]by Taekook Is Life
Just recommending good (for me atleast, Idk about you but I hope you'll like it) Jenlisa book's ♡ For who just started reading books, new in wattpad or looking for Jenli...
Craze (Jensoo Ft. Lisa) by The_black_hornet
Craze (Jensoo Ft. Lisa)by Broken Soul
A supernatural story of Jensoo/Lisoo. "Love is a sweet poison." Read to find out. (cause I'm not good in describing lol)
You [jenlisa] by zinnck
You [jenlisa]by zinnck
lisa , who have been friends with jennie since they were kids secretly have a feelings for her. but little did she know that jennie already know about it ?jennie keep pr...