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Intersection | SCP / GFL by Noob_P2W
Intersection | SCP / GFLby Wattpad Battle Droid
Dr.James White a senior researcher finds himself in trouble while testing a new, yet to be designated SCP in Site-██. As two universes collide, problems quickly escalate...
Betrayed & Framed Hero turned into Bounty Hunter Commander by Lunatic_Moon26
Betrayed & Framed Hero turned Luna M. Rabbit
After the battle between Overhaul and Deku while she's carrying Eri on her back. They all bring her to the hospital along with the injured pro heroes and deku but the le...
The Boys Of War by LuckyAceHigh
The Boys Of Warby LuckyAceHigh
Brothers Till The Last Fight Brothers Till The Last Enemy Brothers Till The Last Hour Brothers Till The Last Bullet Brothers Till The Last Breath Brothers Till The Lost...
The Iron Blooded Rose [Discontinued, Up For Adoption] by 7Hibi7
The Iron Blooded Rose [ Ya Boi Cyber
Y/N has been abused for as long as he can remember. Today, things will change. I do not own RWBY or Girls Frontline
Was It all...A Dream? (Girls Frontline X Male Reader! T-Doll) by DontMindmeBuddy3
Was It all...A Dream? (Girls DontMindmeBuddy3
This is my first story, So cut me some slack Okay? Quick and Short Explanation: Your a Male T-Doll! Woooo! yeah.....and even Better. Even more excitement! (Sarcasm) Sure...
Girls Frontline Harem X Male Betrayed Commander Reader by TheOmegaLife
Girls Frontline Harem X Male TheOmegaLife
Y/N L/N was a commander at Griffin & Kryuger until he was betrayed. He was accused of killing the other commanders and harrassing the T-Dolls. Because of that, he was se...
Welcome to the Misfits by Whiskeythefoxtrot
Welcome to the Misfitsby Whiskeythefoxtrot
Abandoned during an enemy assault, used as a test bed for new technology, and given command of an Outpost nobody wanted. This is Nate Owen's life now. Welcome to the m...
Titan's Frontline by sierra-7
Titan's Frontlineby sierra-7
At the last assault for the destruction of the Fold Weapon on the planet Typhoon, Jack Cooper received assistance by two SRS pilots and their Vanguard titans, but once t...
Commander (Girls Frontline X Male Soldier Reader) by Creeper_Corporation
Commander (Girls Frontline X Krystal 『©』
an Army Soldier Reader X Girls Frontline Gun Tactical Dolls harem! Prioritization: ⭐ You are a soldier serving the country. Your father is a high ranked soldier and you'...
The forgotten T-doll by Basim_mk1
The forgotten T-dollby Basim_mk1
Y/n or known as M30 Luftwaffe Drilling was a project by Griffen& Kuyger to make male Tdolls. When the war broke out between Griffen and Sangivs, The project was canceled...
girls frontline: the human doll by apachkoti
girls frontline: the human dollby Skadi
as the conflict between Griffin and sangvis ferri rages on, a lone figure searches for answers with many secrets of her own. will she fight for what's right? or will her...
targetmaster frontline [transformers x girls frontline] by charcaradon
targetmaster frontline [ Helicoprion
now sent to ensure the safety of nearby planets that the certain traveling starship with a full list of total with a certain marksman that the galaxy has...
The Fight For Humanity - Girl's Frontline (Remake)(On Hold) by TheLunaticAngel
The Fight For Humanity - Girl's TheFallenAngel
Obviously I don't own any of the characters/game/or anime, except for my OC. This is a remake from my original one.
Remnant's Frontline (GHOST MALE READER X RWBY) by Jaxsentron
Remnant's Frontline (GHOST MALE Jaxsentron
follow the events of Y/N and the other members of task force 141 and elite unit specializes of the most elite t dolls the world has ever known, for them to face their bi...
Girls' Frontlines x Battlefield 2042 - "Intel Wars" [M4A1 x Male Soldier Reader] by Undertaker_404
Girls' Frontlines x Battlefield Undertaker_404
Two years after the beginning of the War of 2042, a new threat emerges. A band of U.S. soldiers led by a British Non-Patriated soldier investigates a private company th...
Betrayed Male OC x Azur Lane and Kantai Collection by Emperador_Nemesis
Betrayed Male OC x Azur Lane and Nemesis
So uhm... this is the new story, the other one is kinda cringe not gonna lie so yeah. He was a Guardian of the Sea, AKA "Nightmare of the Seven Seas" he was kn...
Motherships and Depressed guns (mother MC x Random Dimensions)​ by Harbour_Hime
Motherships and Depressed guns ( Harbour Hime
A mother figure with a system, except the mother figure is the harbor princess from Kantai Collection Why? Because​ she's literally​ one of the very few motherly charact...
Termination | Goddess Of Victory | Nikke X Girls Frontline by ShawnSpires
Termination | Goddess Of Victory | ShawnCoolFnia
This is a story, about the final surviving Tactical Doll/T-Doll From The Hit game! Girls Frontline! Put into the Universe of Goddess Of Victory Nikke! You live in the ey...
A Gun, A Battleship, and a Cafe by Densetsuzoku
A Gun, A Battleship, and a Cafeby Reisa
• A newer ( And probably better ) GFL x Reader x AL • So, An Ex-operator walks into a bar, the bartender said "Who the fuck are you" and the operator said &quo...
Conclusion to be a Vigilante by JeymisPeixoto
Conclusion to be a Vigilanteby Jeymis Peixoto
(Kamen Rider Ark-One OC X Crossover Harem) A young boy who lost his childhood friend because of the supposed heroes' reckless actions has decided to become the deadliest...