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it's a painful love story of Rikara favt couple ever ..... in this story ommkara is an artist.... whose marriage fix with ridhima since childhood... then gauri e...
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Hell day by NatashaBarker5
Hell dayby Douglas
The devil wakes up. He's hungry. Hungry to eat human meet...
Once a Voight, always a Voight | Jay Halstead by novacarpediem
Once a Voight, always a Voight | novacarpediem
Alexandra Voight, daughter of THE Hank Voight. After 2 years away, Alex comes back home. And joins the Intelligence Unit of her father. But will she be able to live her...
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Pokémon Oneshots by ContestshippingSquad
Pokémon Oneshotsby CS HQ
Pokémon Oneshots © ContestshippingSquad This book features all of our writers and their write-ups. We accept all One-shots, and surprise you with some of ours too! Thoug...
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Sick of Seek - By Redwing Skyfire  by MilesRedwing
Sick of Seek - By Redwing Skyfire by Redwing Supernova
"Sì, ho scritto io la storia. E sì, è in terza persona, preferivate altro?"
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DANGEROUS by Michelle_Writelover
DANGEROUSby Michelle Cronje
"Enya what the heck am I going to do with him?" Life was pretty straight forward for teenager Rolene, until he made his appearance. And if that wasn't enough p...
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Mystery Of The Ice Werewolf  by galaxywar14
Mystery Of The Ice Werewolf by Galaxy war 14
"Who can you trust in a world of professional liars?" The clueless protagonist, Aurea, embarks on a risky mission which is seemingly life threatening but what'...
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Nefarious by celerycheyenne
Nefariousby Cheyenne
"Tell me you feel this too," "I feel nothing."
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ThE BoSs Obsession😷😨😰 by MahaShahid6
ThE BoSs Obsession😷😨😰by Maha Shahid
the early rising morning, the roads are silent there is no sound of vehicle on the road except the one sound that come from one home where the man and woman was begging...
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It just took one night for my life to become upside down , from happy to sad ,from family to orphan, from naive to killer. Join my journey to know, what i have become ...
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Her Best Friend by IsmaeelOyeezah
Her Best Friendby Ismaeel Oyeezah
"I told you already I'm not going anywhere,you're my wife and I love you so much" he tried his best to make her see all the love he had for her but all to ava...
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Tales from the mines.... by KirkAdams6
Tales from the Kirk Adams
My editor told me that my book - "It's been a Blast" was basically about drinking, fighting and blowing stuff up.... as a miner, it was hard not to agree. The...
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The Mysterious Queen of Assassin by DongfangJin
The Mysterious Queen of Assassinby starlin
A girl that lives a happy life in the past becomes the Mysterious Queen of Assassin who killed everyperson that involves in her parents death. She suddenly met a boy tha...
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The Teased Mate by Constance_mac_
The Teased Mateby Constance
"You are such a little brat," Dianna remembers him calling her names, but she still liked him in a way she should not. "I am giving him one chance, he's...
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friendship for love  (NOT EDITED)#projectnigeria by jumoke_mi
friendship for love (NOT EDITED) olajumoke bello
what kind of service do you render here no what kind of impatient customer are you how dare you talk back at me do you know me and what I can do to you who cares what or...
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Her Saving Grace by Kadenereadaholic
Her Saving Graceby Kadenereadaholic
Kayla Green is not your typical girl. She is known and she has friends. People talk to her because of her easy going personality and caring attitude. Even though Kayla s...
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The Deliverer's Destiny - The Seed of Euforemalta book 1 by sarsar14
The Deliverer's Destiny - The Sara Jolene (Miss Unmotivated)
In a world ruled by tyranny, four teens are brought together to embark on a harrowing mission - to find the son of a god. ...
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Suggest me a name  by _alzacristy_
Suggest me a name by _alzacristy_
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Love at first Fight by GomuMomu
Love at first Fightby GomuMomu
Would opposite person do really attract?
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Different by Ari8787
Differentby Ari8787
Rayna isn't a normal werewolf. She was born a sacred wolf: a wolf with white fur, stronger senses, and powers. Some might say that she is has a gift from the Moon goddes...
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