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Brendon Urie Imagines and Smuts by brendonboydpatd
Brendon Urie Imagines and Smutsby x Random Fangirl x
Imagines, Fluffs and Smuts *I TAKE REQUESTS*
Weight In Gold (Brendon Urie) by smokeycosmos
Weight In Gold (Brendon Urie)by Panic! Trash
*completed* "Do you know what I thought the first time I met you?" Brendon asks me a few minutes later. "Hmm?" I mumble, my head still against his ar...
Finally Wanted ( Brendon Urie adopts ) by crazyemo10704
Finally Wanted ( Brendon Urie unwanted
Abby was abused for years since she was 4 she has been between foster families and adoption centers after her parents couldn't get off of drugs long enough to keep her s...
Creep || Brendon Urie by AnxietyAtTheBall
Creep || Brendon Urieby ✧ JAY ✧
There was something so intriguing about the way he wanted her, the way she wanted him, and the way neither of them wanted to want each other.
All The Boys And I//B.U & S.U by Faelecia
All The Boys And I//B.U & S.Uby Faelecia
I loved going to school. Ever since Mr. Urie started dating my mother, that is...
Brendon Urie DDM imagines by paramoreurie
Brendon Urie DDM imaginesby sarah urie stan
just some imagines/oneshots if Brendon Urie was a dad.
ENCHANTED | brendon urie/enchanted by romanismysoul
ENCHANTED | brendon urie/enchantedby Alice Roman
"In which a naive soon-to-be princess falls from a mythical world into ours and stumbles into the lap of one sinful young man." INSPIRED BY THE FILM 'ENCHANTED...
Church Boys † Brendon Urie by AnxietyAtTheBall
Church Boys † Brendon Urieby ✧ JAY ✧
You can't make a Church Boy out of an Atheist, but you can make a Bad Girl out of a Christian. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Brendon Urie Fanfic
Pretty In Ink - Brendon Urie by brendxnurie
Pretty In Ink - Brendon Urieby Alexa ♡
24 year old college senior Alaina goes to a Fall Out Boy concert with her little sister on their Save Rock and Roll tour. Her night takes a twist when she goes to the ba...
Mind Pusher//B.U by Faelecia
Mind Pusher//B.Uby Faelecia
Beware of the pushers...
Behind These Walls // Brendon Urie by littlemisspanic
Behind These Walls // Brendon Urieby littlemisspanic
He stalked towards me, hunger in his once bright eyes, his body as rigid as a predator ready for the kill. With my back against the wall I searched for my escape, for ev...
The Deal // Brendon Urie by fuckabrendon
The Deal // Brendon Urieby oblivion
Leila Flores is a struggling college student, working nights at an illegal cabaret club to barely get by and payback her large amounts of school debt. She is a strong, h...
I'll swear that I'll always paint you Golden Days  {Ryden} by EdwardsPen
I'll swear that I'll always EdwardsPen
Name: Brendon Boyd Urie Birthday: April 12, 1987 Age: 24 Height: 5'9" Hair colour: black Eye colour: black/dark Favourite colour: | Brendons eyes were focused...
•Craving• Ryden by EdwardsPen
•Craving• Rydenby EdwardsPen
George Ryan Ross III is following his desires. Too satisfy his needs he takes women with him home but no one of them is perfect enough for him. In the end he fulfils his...
Periscope ☍ Brendon Urie by AnxietyAtTheBall
Periscope ☍ Brendon Urieby ✧ JAY ✧
"I think this fucking thing is glitching, it says I only have one viewer." In which a young girl is the only viewer of on of Brendon Urie's Periscopes.
Boyd by holyurie
Boydby lexi
Just like any nerd he gets bullied doesn't have that many friends but on one new year of high school. Being a Senior, he turned hot with all the girls falling to his kne...
The Other Girl [A Ryden Fic] (Discontinued) by Peesantt
The Other Girl [A Ryden Fic] ( Piss
Mystery shrouds the breakup of popular pop-punk band, Panic! At The Disco. Fans and media don't know what happen. No one knows except for the members. Needless to say, R...
Canvas: A Ryden Extravaganza (A Panic! At the Disco fanfiction) by xxPureRomancexx
Canvas: A Ryden Extravaganza (A paiged912 & jopageri
When Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross first meet in high school, Brendon is infatuated with Ryan's artistic ability. They soon fall for each other, until Ryan's troubled past...