Weight In Gold (Bre...
By smokeycosmos
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*completed* "Do you know what I thought the first time I met you?" Brendon asks me a few minutes later. "Hmm?" I mumble, my head still against his arm. "I thought, 'Great, this girl is probably going to be unbearably annoying and end up falling for me.'" I shoot my head up and look at him defensively. "That's not what I was expecting to hear," I say poutily. He laughs and puts his arm around my waist. "You know what the funny part is?" he asks again. I look at him, signifying that I want him to continue. "The funny part is, I think I ended up falling for you first." In which Ashley O'Brien is sent away from her home to live with her father's god parents and a teenaged boy named Brendon.

The Mistake

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Weight In...
by smokeycosmos