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Babysitting a Demon by delaneyleonard
Babysitting a Demonby d e l a n e y
Eren, a 19 year old living in New York never expected to come home from work and see a demon sitting naked in his apartment. The story of the nephew of Satan and a boy...
Be my parents? by zoratae
Be my parents?by zoratae
Best friends for a long time, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongkook see themselves in love with each other. But a lovely kid set to be under Taehyung's responsibility will put...
The 65th Hunger Games - EDITING by RayneBeckham
The 65th Hunger Games - EDITINGby Rayne Beckham-Kutcher
From the treaty of the Treason: In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public "Reaping&quo...
F. A. A (Aurora) by Confi-dence
F. A. A (Aurora)by Confi-dence
Welcome to F. A. A; future achievers academy. This is probably where my future really lies, Aurora thought. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and whispered to he...
Dull To Vivid by VioleticRed
Dull To Vividby VioleticRed
"No." "Just three months!" "N.O means No." Silence talked for while. "Why do you even love me?" <> - () - <> Rita l...
His Penance [Sequel to: His Promise] Riren/Ereri Fanfic by DiabLolita
His Penance [Sequel to: His Lolly Landon
Levi and Eren have taken their first steps on the path to a new relationship, but that path is far from clear. Are the promises of the past enough to keep them together?
Mystical Changes ~ Vampire Academy Fanfiction  by Shortiz
Mystical Changes ~ Vampire Shortie
So I love the Vampire Academy books, they are so great. This story is based around the books, but with a twist. So Dimitri is Rose's forbidden teacher lover, everything...
Rhyme of the Stars by astral76
Rhyme of the Starsby King Astral
"In order to shine the brightest, you need to step over others even if it means their demise." My life was a pain, and I fell to the point where I had nowhere...
The Man Who Met Himself [Slow Updates] by RecycleVin
The Man Who Met Himself [Slow Vin Roscoe
On what seemed like a normal day, Diego King, a lawyer, finds himself in an insane situation. He receives a device with photos of someone that looks exactly like him. He...
A Little Harmony by SkullantacySmith
A Little Harmonyby Deliah
| Under editing | Sometimes people are brought together for a reason. Will and Zara are no exception. Zara Begonia has lost a lot in the past months. Opting to move awa...
Indisposable Trash by keepthywits
Indisposable Trashby keepthywits
Trash. The lowest class of people, considered subhuman and tasked to clean up ten billion people's worth of rubbish thrown carelessly into the lower streets of the city...
Prey Drive by PossumTears
Prey Driveby PossumTears
Things are different now. The world is better. Shifters live in peace. Quinn is a rabbit shifter, the weakest species of all. Her life gets turned upside down when sh...
A girl with secrets. Secrets on which the very fabric of space and time are threatened of their existence. "What she did was a crime"- is what they'd all say...
The Princess Hex ✓ by amymarshmallow
The Princess Hex ✓by ☆。Amy。☆
"I am the maker of my own legend, and I will not let anyone write over my fate." Princess Donelle is getting desperate. She needs to find her true love before...
Ten Agents: Ryder (Book One) by Zay19XD
Ten Agents: Ryder (Book One)by Sagitarrius_27
"There are Seven Realms. The Agencies are in the First. Earth in the Second. The Third, Fourth and Fifth are unknown. The Sixth would be the place we went to with t...
Order's Legacy (A Percy Jackson meets Marvel fanfiction) by CalexFanBoi
Order's Legacy (A Percy Jackson CalexFanBoi
Percy Jackson is betrayed by his camp. He joins the House of Life. He dies and goes to Valhalla. He is not all of one, but the one of all. Percy's existence decides the...
One of a Kind by Tulika2002
One of a Kindby Tulika2002
Why do you follow me? She asked You amuse me. He said ****************************************** Two strangers, completely different from one another. If one is shy the...
Disgustingly Yours. by Pooh2bear
Disgustingly Shortcake🍦
"Who are you?" I asked controlling my face from concocting into a scowl. "Mr Dexter Alphi! You're hotter than I expected." She gave me a once over wi...
While Her Lips are Still Red by Fayesther
While Her Lips are Still Redby Rionnag Sìthiche
Young men, you're in grave danger! A succubus is on the loose! You must be on your guard and take heed of these words... "When you see those eyes, twinkling blue Ki...
Tangled feelings by dreamer369
Tangled feelingsby dreamer369
Luna, an ordinary sarcastic sixteen years old living an ordinary life, has had a crush on the good looking and sweet guy, Zach, since five years. But with her secret cru...