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Confessions of A Teenager by novilunium_
Confessions of A Teenagerby novi novi
look at life from this teenager's eyes. enter her mind, full of thoughts that cries. be there as she opens her heart. skim through her stories that sets her apart.
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insæi by disfunctionalunit
insæiby chloe ⋆
insæi - an old icelandic term; the sea within; to see within; and to see from the inside out est. may 24 2017 [ completed ! ]
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Unspoken Words│rhymes by blackrism
Unspoken Words│rhymesby 🌙
messy rhymes in Bahasa and English translation. p.s : please do not copy my writing. let's respect each other. History Rank : # 1 on sajak [May 20, 2020] out of more tha...
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Night Sky (POETRY) by marigelle
Night Sky (POETRY)by Avanah Resullar
we fall too fast and crash too hard like shooting stars in the galaxy of broken hearts -r.m broderick NIGHT SKY, POEM COLLECTIONS FOR BROKEN HEARTS🕊
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Quotes | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Quotes | ✓by katie baer
A list of Quotes.
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Word Porn by lesbiansailor
Word Pornby lesbiansailor
ways you made me love you
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le journal by tomo_k22
le journalby belle âme
Repeating thoughts wandering in my mind Self reminder Inspiration Words to ponder Highest Achievements: #1 in selfhelp - 05/23/2020
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Poemtasia by TheSweetSnake
Poemtasiaby Medusa Halie Gray
short poem and prose collection written by me, composed of all the words i'd rather not say and all the other words that make up my small fantasies hope y'all enjoy!!
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HE ART BRE AKS by athinablain
HE ART BRE AKSby imaginator
"When painful memories are etched in the pulses of thy heart, healing comes slower, longer and harder but better than never to have moved on at all," AB~🖤 Ps...
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Escape  by katiepepsxx
Escape by katiepepsxx
"For the voice that torments me is the one that belongs to me"
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Love and Fantasy  by thejiltedquill
Love and Fantasy by thejiltedquill
poems written between classes, in notebooks, over lunches, and in the shower. ranging from emotional haikus to fictitious sonnets. are you looking for angst, fun, heartb...
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Will Never Be Read by mareyaliz
Will Never Be Readby _winniethepool
Pacing on my chamber with a pen in hand On the table lies a paper free of words Ever been so still that the stare pierces through My wary eyes I see in the reflection Su...
Deep poems by priya906
Deep poemsby priya
Dive into the world of Peoms. (Not all are mine)
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The Seven Deadly Sins by The_Primrose
The Seven Deadly Sinsby Unhappy Endings
Seven poems for the Seven Deadly Sins.
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On the Spur of the Moment by themalaysianpoet
On the Spur of the Momentby The Malaysian Poet
A collection of poems of various topics
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Evolution || poetry by hanahakitrance
Evolution || poetryby Halley!
"Relearning and revival, Visions and revisions. No more ephemeral, forever eternal." Evolution does not occur overnight. It occurs one mistake an...
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Glass Heart by armelariana
Glass Heartby armelariana
A glass heart can be both fragile and strong ✨
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panacea by hiraethwings
panaceaby bree
not completed. panacea (n.) : a remedy for all your troubles. twenty three poems about society's most beautiful tragedies.
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an ode to the loveless, these are for you.  by GamerRose
an ode to the loveless, these are...by Helena
poetry to help aid your understanding of emotions that are too strong to deal with alone, and also some insight into my mind and soul. enjoy. HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in Po...
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unshared feelings | poetry by serendipity_rh
unshared feelings | poetryby zaki
ought to think about the things you said. was it true?
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