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A Prisoner of My Thoughts by LadyShirayuki
A Prisoner of My Thoughtsby ♡Lady♡
~Highest ranking: #2 in Poetry~ Just some poems and stories from a girl who really wants to escape reality at times.... This is a book, filled with my thoughts and feeli...
FAKEby Sam N. de la Rosa
Two line poetry contenting fake things you'll ever know.
CORNERS by sadaf846
CORNERSby sadaf846
What resonates at the core of my heart usually tends to find solace in the corners of my heart. Thus, presenting a peek to that corner.
Poets Take A Bow by Decoris_Unum
Poets Take A Bowby Decoris Ridett Unum
A lovely collection of all the poems I've written. I'm currently in the midst of writing more. po·et·ry ˈpōətrē/ noun literary work in which special intensity is given t...
Whims of a weary traveler by gummybearcuddles
Whims of a weary travelerby lukie pookie
Do you want to know my life? Do you want to read the whims of a weary traveler? Are you too a lost boy holding the pieces of his life in his hands? Read if you dare know...
Twisted Knife by Kihi-98
Twisted Knifeby KiHi
Then my heart bleeds blue
poems i wrote when i was sad by caitiiexo
poems i wrote when i was sadby caitlyn
from the bottom of my broken heart
12:00 thoughts by myangelsgone
12:00 thoughtsby Heaven
"Some do drugs, others go for a run, but at the end we're all searching for that tiny space, perhaps a hole, that gives us shelter from the terrible reality of t...
Heart whispers by moonflower_1
Heart whispersby moonflower
My heart spoke. I listened. I wrote.
Prophecies Of The Gods by A-Boss00
Prophecies Of The Godsby A.M Garvie
I am a fan of Rick Riordans works this is an official list of his prophecy or by the way disclaimer: I give all of the rights to Rick Riordan because I do not own his s...
Monsters by minor_oof
Monstersby minor_oof
"A bunch of poems about mental illness" didn't sound great as a title, but that's basically what this is. This is my first book and I honestly just wrote these...
Cloudy Days and Stormy Thoughts by xdesolatex
Cloudy Days and Stormy Thoughtsby Nat
This is just a collection of all of my poetry. It doesn't have a sense of organization or order. Just simply a cluttered mess of my feelings, experiences, and thoughts...
21 by SAM-DLR
21by Sam N. de la Rosa
If you ever felt like you're already in a midlife crisis at age of 21, or perhaps you need to become stronger and stronger to face the trials, this is the collection for...
t h o u g h t s by bbsteers
t h o u g h t sby brianna
My escape from the world, in words.
Poems by frxnvo
Poemsby 𝐹𝓇 𝒶 𝓃 𝓋 ᵒ
poems written by frxnvo
lover. by withfulloffence
lover.by amour
poems from a lover poems for a lover. cover by @-ichor
The Seven Deadly Sins by The_Primrose
The Seven Deadly Sinsby Unhappy Endings
Seven poems for the Seven Deadly Sins.
Lonely & Hurt by alxa1015
Lonely & Hurtby alxa1015
Sometimes life gets tough. Sometimes shit happens. These are poems I write when my thoughts get messy.
Delicate thoughts(Poems) by zuhaimran123
Delicate thoughts(Poems)by zuhaimran123
Poems and poetry that can relate to everyone.Sometimes life takes unexpected turns,life is all lies,illusions,a stage,a saga that clears up with time and what you see is...
Dear H  by readingwithunicorns
Dear H by readingwithunicorns
A book of poems and letters to someone who may or may not read them Copyrights to Readingwithunicorns *completed