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Hurricanes And Rhymes by musings21
Hurricanes And Rhymesby musings21
Hurricanes and rhymes is a poetry book with a lot of different topics in general. So do not expect a specific topic. Also if you are reading this thank you so much it me...
Silent Poetry by seven_hues
Silent Poetryby Sreeja Naskar
(#1 in metaphor) At late nights, I could see those choked words rushing out of my throat-shouting their presence in the ink of the broken pen. They are awake to be in...
poems by _lovey-dovey_
poemsby 🕊 d o v e 🕊
just some poems i write , usually late at night ♡ - this just means poem ig ⚠ - this means tw , i might write about some sensitive subjects
Short Poems by creativechaos0
Short Poemsby creativechaos0
A mix of mixed emotions in a poetical way.
Poems About Life by thehonestpoet
Poems About Lifeby Nelsa Simone
Inspirational poems, sad poems, happy poems, advice in poems, just poems in general If you like these poems, then please read my other poetry book called "Within th...
l o v e & n o s t a l g i a » poetry by flowerbinsh
l o v e & n o s t a l g i a » poet...by Iris
a collection of heartbreak, childhood nostalgia, and the peaceful moments that come from simple things
Haiku by plusdanshiii
Haikuby zzz
A collection of haiku. Note 1: all of the haiku posted are mine, please don't share them anywhere else without my permission and proper credits. If you want to share the...
Thoughts and poems by forbidden_storiess
Thoughts and poemsby kenzie ✌︎
the thoughts of others terrify me... so here's mine. (#1 poet - 08.03.19) (#1 sadpoems - 08.04.19) (#2 poem - 08.11.19) (#1 thoughtsandfeelings - 08.14.19)
New world new friends by izzysalt
New world new friendsby Izzy’s stories
Meet Heather Phoenix-Fire she is one of the 4 girls that were teleported to amphibia. Heather is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her friends save from anything bad...
Love, Claudia (BWWM) by JasmynTailor
Love, Claudia (BWWM)by Jasmyn
Written in my heart are songs of love, depth, genuinely sensual love. But I have no words to speak, I find myself tongue-tied when you're near. Know this, if I cannot sa...
The Rose and Her Thorns  by k-ashmir
The Rose and Her Thorns by k-ashmir
a collections of thoughts, feelings, emotions that have been put into words and that have been gnawing at my brain. check out my other poetry book 'among the wildflowe...
oneirataxia/poetry by k.h. by unsounding
oneirataxia/poetry by k.h.by k.h
oneirataxia; (n.): the inability to distinguish fantasy from reality. NEW BOOK: THE SHADE OF FLOWERS/POETRY BY K.H., OUT NOW!
Life Poems by themangostyles
Life Poemsby ♡
"The poems I write needs to be read one day." Copyrights themangostyles 2016
The Poet☆ by daddylongschl0ng
The Poet☆by 😳
Naruto Uzumaki. A 15 year old poet. Nothing special, just poems for him to read. This Uzumaki is new to Konoha's all boys Highschool..the only all boys school there, he...
centred with bliss by omar-gxd
centred with blissby .
to become a great poet, the audience need to be in awe i hope you enjoy this journey where your heart will experience a feeling of one's self: love, pain and pity to al...
none of the things I've said  by echost007
none of the things I've said by echost007
A collection of poems from a teenager battling social anxiety, depression, and teenage angst while navigating love on the road to self discovery and maturing. It's simpl...
Deep Thoughts by firefly_fly
Deep Thoughtsby Jenna
When the sun sets and they can't see me, can they hear me? * * || "Poetry" by an invisible girl. || * * * Highest Rank: #6 in poetry [8/26/20] #11 in poetry [3...
milk and honey, but not really by revefestivaI
milk and honey, but not reallyby 🥀★🥀★🥀
milk and honey, poems by rupiss rawr "i went crazy for him, but he did not go stupid for me."
Stained Glass Souls (Wattys 2014, Collector's Dream Award Winner) by LouisBellWrites
Stained Glass Souls (Wattys 2014...by Louis
Ariel Fontansia is ten pounds away from total relapse. Since the previous summer, she has been stuck in a vicious cycle of calories, pounds, and inches. Redemption, Main...
Poems / Tula by Maykahhhhhh
Poems / Tulaby Micah Apolinario
This poem was made since I'm in Senior High School