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When people think of clouds, they think of the fluffy, white, floating blobs in the sky that children claim can turn from a horse into an alligator in a matter of minutes. That's partly true. When I think of clouds, I think of kingdoms. I think of Squadrons of gifted soldiers ranging from four to five at a time. I think of towers and royals and most of all? I think of magic. There is a whole other world above our heads. "Be on the look out for wet weather." Grey is a cloud from the kingdom of telekinesis with the burden of protecting his city lifted from his shoulders. Stationed in San Francisco with a happy-go-lucky Squad, he feels as if he's finally found a real home. Until a new team arrives in the city with the intent to kidnap his Squad's newest recruit. "What was their number?" Soon, it's not just about keeping his friends safe. "I can't lose you, too." "I'm staying right here." A storm is raging. Kingdoms are falling. "I didn't think anyone would be crazy enough to do it." A sinister plot is unfolding, one that, if unchecked, will mark the end of all clouds. "I've lost my patience in waiting." And just when Grey thinks he's found the answer, things start to get personal. Secrets resurface - dark, buried secrets that were meant to be sealed away. Secrets that will shock Grey and his entire Squad to the very core. "My goal is the same." "I will take away everything you've worked for." It's raining. "I need to do this." Next time, it will rain blood. "Whew. I'm hot." "No you're not." "What do you mean I'm not?" "You look like the product of a troll and a fucking centipede." "How the hell is that even relevant to what I'm saying right now?" "Never mind." The Incredibles Team presents: Rain Caster


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