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  • Into the Light
    10K 1K 16

    |COMPLETE| A Ghost Bird Fanfiction. Sang arrives in a Charleston foster home after the untimely death of her mother. Little does she know, adjusting to a new school and new town are the least of her problems when she finds out students are disappearing. A mysterious group known as the Academy is trying to find the cau...

    Completed   Mature
  • New Girl by Katyfanfics
    169K 8.6K 46

    This is a fan fiction based on CL Stone's Ghost Bird Series, particularly her second book. This version is a take on how things would have gone if Sang didn't meet the boys before school started. PG-13 This was written by Katydids and she allowed me to post it here for you. It was one of her very first stories, but...

  • The Academy: Kill Order Division -Random Updates
    18.7K 1.2K 19

    "I'm academy, just like you." "There's a thin line between good and bad, I dance on it everyday" "Where was the academy when I needed them? I had to save myself.. Do you understand that? " "No one was there when I needed help the most." Or in which a killer teaches our boys, sometimes it takes blood in order to get s...

  • Bond
    160 18 1

    As Sang leaves her childhood, she unwillingly picks up nine boys. *Just Another C.L. Stone Academy Fan-Fiction*

  • Introductions Rewritten (Complete)
    52.7K 2.9K 24

    In the original 'Introductions' by C L Stone, Sang Sorenson's life changed the night she ventured out into a storm but...what if that all changed? What if she had never left the house that night? Disclaimer: I don’t own The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle. The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle and their char...

  • All For One (Complete)
    64.1K 3K 22

    In her first weekend away from the boys, Sang Sorenson is left to enjoy the company of the Anderson Academy Team but what happens when a video recording is taken out of context and Sang is shattered by a moment of missing trust. Disclaimer: I don’t own The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle. The Academy, Ghost Bird...

  • High School Musical (Complete)
    28.8K 2.7K 21

    A Ghost Bird Fanfic - Sang is ordered to participate in a high school musical with Jade as the lead while none of the boys are allowed to neither participate or even attend practice with her. Read until the curtain closes.

    Completed   Mature
  • This Is Me
    18.7K 1.8K 9

    Based on C L Stone's Ghost Bird series, I give you an alternate universe introductions story where Sang doesn't really seem to need the boys as much as they need her.

  • A Touch of Broken Trust (Complete)
    105K 5.3K 38

    Fanfiction of C L Stone's Ghost Bird Series, Sang Sorenson has been kept in the dark about the whereabouts of her attacker Mr McCoy and it seems that the boys' silence is about to enact a price. Sang has been left on her own while the others finish assignments and the man who attempted to kidnap her is eager to make a...

  • While You Sleep (Complete)
    158K 8.1K 38

    A whole year; they'd been beyond my reach for an entire year and the days just seemed to be getting longer and harder to handle. I visited them every day and watched over them as they rested but how much longer can I continue to endure this? For so many months they were all that I'd had and now I felt like my whole un...

  • Caged
    167K 15K 38

    For her entire life, Sang Soreson only knew about violence and the last two years taught her how to survive. And now, as a shifter, she is losing herself. Sang doesn't know how to just be, just to live, not after what she had to go through. Not after dealing with death, blood, and violence. But luckily for her, the Bl...

  • Do You Love Me?
    3.5K 228 4

    Owen Blackbourne isn't making any headway in his relationship with Sang Sorenson. So maybe it's time for him to leave her to his brothers and get on with his own life. But what will Sang think about that? Disclaimer: The Ghost Bird Academy and all related characters belong to the wonderfully talented CL Stone. I wrote...

  • I Was Gonna Be Your Forever.... (Random Updates)
    4.3K 464 6

    *All Characters belong to CL Stone, although the plot is mine-the idea adopted from savinggoddess Writing Prompts, please don't take it.... I make no profit at all in any way shape or form* Luke was the schools bad boy, the trouble maker-hot wiring cars, playing pranks, popping locks, and making mayhem wherever he we...

  • Academy's Angel
    20K 1.5K 10

    Sang is nothing more than a warrior, spending years in heaven fighting a war that has no end. The sister to Sam and Dean Winchester, she has spent her fair time on earth fighting the world of evil along side with them. It isn't until she gets a call from Dean, where he asks her to take a case they can't take. She mus...

  • Kiss of the Phoenix
    6.6K 859 11

    "No more mutants." Those are the words that decimated the mutant population across the globe. Spoken by a crazed Scarlet Witch, 90% of the mutant population was stripped of their powers, only 198 mutants retained their powers, and the next step in human evolution seemingly died... until now. Enter Sang Summers, physi...

  • Troubled Bird: Ghostbird Fanfic
    73.2K 3.7K 31

    Sang Sorenson has always had to depend on herself until the Academy took her in at the age of 16. Now at 18 she was at the top of the Academy as a Ghostbird. No one has ever met her or knows what she looks like except; Dr. Roberts. She decided to be done with the Academy after she was able to support herself and her...

  • Hiraeth
    266 50 1

    Hiraeth(n) 1) homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was 2) the nostalgia, the yearning or the grief for the lost places of your past ----------------------------------- Sang So- no. Sang Anderson has had a rough life. With a neglective father, a hateful sister, and an...

  • Heaven & Hell
    1.9K 271 3

    The story has been told time and time again throughout the centuries: Lucifer and his followers rebelled and were cast out of Heaven. Now, they're known as the Devil and demons, though Lucifer prefers to keep his name and call his followers angels of Death. Not all angels cast from Heaven are angels of Death, though...

  • A Year Of Celebrations
    5.7K 707 15

    A collection of one shots, based on the characters from CL Stone's Ghost Bird series, about the Blackbourne team celebrating holidays.

  • I Just Keep Falling - Ghostbird Fanfic
    5.9K 346 7

    You know, after being abused for most of the beginning 16 years of my life. I thought god had finally heard my plea when he gave me the ability to travel between worlds. But I was both right and wrong. Right ~ God had heard my plea, and because of my sheltered life, decided to give me the ability to get away from my f...

  • Academy Insider
    13K 1.3K 51

    Just a place for me to put all of my fanfic ideas, where people can vote on which they'd like to read and maybe even adopt some!

  • Dealing Hearts: An Academy FF Short Story (Completed)
    37.3K 3K 10

    Twenty-five year old Sang Sorenson is the best bird in the Academy, even as a lone bird. She's been happily dating Raven Ravenstahl for a few months, but it's now time to meet the rest of the team. Especially since they will be doing a mission together in Las Vegas. I don't think 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sang's Selection
    16.2K 1.9K 14

    Book 1 of the Academy Crossover Series Based on C.L. Stone's Academy, Ghostbird series and The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. I own nothing recognizable. Sang Sorenson doesn't fit in anywhere. At least, not anywhere in decent society. She's an 8 in a social caste system that only consists of 8 levels. She was abandon...

  • The Mohiri
    13.4K 1.2K 11

    Sang Sorenson has been living the past eighteen years of her life wondering why she was different. She refuses to believe that she is evil, even though she's always felt the darkness lingering in the back of her mind. It's as if one half of herself is dedicated to the light that wishes to nourish and heal, while the o...

  • Their Angel
    44.5K 2.6K 12

    The Blackbourne/Toma team have been at Ashley Waters for 3 weeks to try and get a hold on an underground fight club that someone at the school has started. During a family meeting the entire team receives an email on their school emails informing them that they are targets for an Ashley Waters sick school tradition bu...

  • One Shots for What is Lost, Will be Found
    116 20 3

    Introductions and random bits I like that wouldn't really fit in the main story. Also unedited.

  • I'm Not Crazy (Slow Updates)
    22.5K 2.3K 12

    Sang Sorenson doesn't know what to believe. For the past few years she's been seeing nine boys that no one else could. At first, they were written off as imaginary friends that she had made up to help with loneliness and stress. But as the years continued, and the guys weren't going away, her parents and doctors becam...

  • (on hold) paper hearts
    1.8K 104 2

    Sang Sorenson and her twin sister, Sadie, move to Charleston, South Carolina for a fresh start. One far away from their neglectful father, their cruel mother, and hateful older sister. Their mother may have done many horrible things to them, but the worst to happen wasn't even from her. Sadie has lung cancer. Unable...

  • Nine Little Secrets
    44.6K 4K 15

    Shy, sheltered Sang Sorenson makes a calculated decision to call out for a dinner delivery when she has one evening of freedom, and accidentally orders nine hot gods instead. Now they have taken up secret residence in her attic, infiltrated her school and all claim to be dating her. What's a girl to do when sexy gods...

  • Through Open Doors
    5.4K 540 3

    They say that when one door closes, another one opens. Sang never believed it to be true. Especially not when her nine loves decided that they didn't want her anymore; or when her father kicks her out of her home on the exact same night, handing over her mother's will and an old, dusty journal. Sang couldn't bring h...