Their Angel
By alexandramads
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The Blackbourne/Toma team have been at Ashley Waters for 3 weeks to try and get a hold on an underground fight club that someone at the school has started. During a family meeting the entire team receives an email on their school emails informing them that they are targets for an Ashley Waters sick school tradition but what is even more strange is the sender of the email themselves. Will they be able to save the sender? Or will the sender save them? Six months ago Sang Sorenson's mother became to sick to beat her anymore, instead she sold her into an underground fight club that requires her to fight weekly. Sang has been the top fighter for 2 months now and the fighters are starting to play dirty, she knows shes going to die so she decides to end it all. After latest fight she catches wind of a plot to hurt some of the new students and teachers in 2 weeks on 'FRIDAY FALL'. She decides before she ends her life she will help them. She warns them but now they want to help her. To bad it's too late for her. Or is it? *Disclaimer* All these characters are owned by CL Stone. This is just my plot. *Disclaimer* Mature content! Suicidal thoughts. Abuse. Eventual sexual content.


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Their Ang...
by alexandramads