Through Open Doors
By GBsang
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They say that when one door closes, another one opens. Sang never believed it to be true. Especially not when her nine loves decided that they didn't want her anymore; or when her father kicks her out of her home on the exact same night, handing over her mother's will and an old, dusty journal. Sang couldn't bring herself to open that journal until a handsome, mysterious stranger takes a seat next to her on a train headed for nowhere and tests her in ways she's never been tested before. ••• I looked away from the vivid blue eyes of the stranger beside me and stared down at the old and worn book sitting on my lap. With shaking fingers, I took a deep, calming breath and folded back the cover. Almost instantly, my focus zeroed in on the beautifully written cursive at the top of the page. My dearest Sang, Life is full of challenges and heartbreak. It will beat you down until you're a breath away from giving up. It's only when you're taking that last breath when you realize that you are ready to fight with every inch of your soul. In this journal I have written the essential steps of life. In here, you will read my journey full of love and loss and I can only hope that you can take this piece of me and hold it dear. Now that that's out of the way, why don't we get started? Here is the first step...


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