Kiss of the Phoenix
By persephoneofspring
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"No more mutants." Those are the words that decimated the mutant population across the globe. Spoken by a crazed Scarlet Witch, 90% of the mutant population was stripped of their powers, only 198 mutants retained their powers, and the next step in human evolution seemingly died... until now. Enter Sang Summers, physically and mentally abused, underdeveloped, petrified teenager... and the long lost daughter of two of the most powerful mutants known: Scott Summers and Jean Grey, current leader of Utopia and dead host of the Phoenix Force. Sang is the first mutant to develop powers in four years, the Messiah the remaining mutant race had long awaited to save them from the brink of extinction. And their hypothesis seems to be proven true, as nine lights appear on Cerebra, nine new mutants that Sang will have to save from themselves... nine new mutants that can hopefully save Sang Summers. This is Generation Grey. These are the New Elites. And they have a Messiah Complex.


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Kiss of t...
by persephoneofspring