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Aftermath by ThePorterest
Aftermathby Porterest
A Ghost Bird Fanfiction The spring semester is now underway, and the Blackbourne team has continued their mission. Still unaware of the plan his family has put together...
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Synchronized Swimming by SynchroClaire
Synchronized Swimmingby Claire
Sang's whole world revolves around synchronized swimming: her mother has become obsessed with Sang's success and is pushing her beyond her limits. When the boys first se...
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Just One Night by savinggoddess
Just One Nightby Tay💜
"Just one night." Sang said looking in the mirror. "Just one night." Gabriel said looking at my friends. He smirks, "rite of passage man." ...
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Sang's Dragon by GBsang
Sang's Dragonby GBsang
A story about Sang, the first ever female to receive the mark of a dragon. Living in a world full of dominating males, she struggles to prove that she's no ordinary girl...
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Please Don't Leave Me Behind Again (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Please Don't Leave Me Behind Jaliza A Burwell
Sang Sorenson grew up in Greece and used to be close friends with Silas Korba. But then one day he left with his friend and she never saw him again. At least until six y...
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In The Shadows - Fan Fiction Version by Katydids by SilasAggeleMou
In The Shadows - Fan Fiction Jennifer Jones
This story is the fanfiction version of In The Shadows written by the amazing Katydids. It is now an original, with a completed first book and the beginning of a second...
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The Newest Addition (a Cl Stone Academy Fanfic) by rebel-heart
The Newest Addition (a Cl Stone rebel-heart
This is a light hearted academy fan fiction that will contain the ghost bird boys but not sang. On his way home from work, Dr. Green finds an adorable 6 year old girl c...
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Sang Baby's Baby by chickadee66
Sang Baby's Babyby caitcooper66
What happens when the team of 10 gains another member, or two? All of these characters belong to C.L. Stone. This is just a story that I'm making up for fun. Enjoy, ho...
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Sang and the Sorensons by Peridotty2003
Sang and the Sorensonsby Komila
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Castle Sorenson by Hiddenheartseeker
Castle Sorensonby Hiddenheartseeker
Princess Sang lives with her mother- the Queen- in a large, beautiful castle. She has maids that cater to her every whim, a dashing fiancé and power that many would kill...
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Nomad 101 (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Nomad 101 (Completed)by Jaliza A Burwell
With two years of experience, Sang Sorenson knows the tricks of the trade on surviving on the streets. She knows which streets to stay off of, which people to avoid, whi...
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I'm Not Crazy (Slow Updates) by Savyss
I'm Not Crazy (Slow Updates)by 🌷Vannah🌷
Sang Sorenson doesn't know what to believe. For the past few years she's been seeing nine boys that no one else could. At first, they were written off as imaginary frien...
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Recover My Heart [] Complete [] by Mageanne
Recover My Heart [] Complete []by Fallon
Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, I don't know what I'm talking about. This is a ghost bird Fanfiction Sang is four credits away from becoming a doctor. All she wants to do...
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Lost City by BijinMum
Lost Cityby BijinMum
Sang is an archeologist working with a team to discover the Lost City of Atlantis. After a year of unsuccessful research dives most of her team has given up on finding a...
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The Sorting by Mageanne
The Sortingby Fallon
I, Sang Sorenson, am a disgrace to the household name. This simple fact has been ingrained into me since my earliest memory. My family consists of my elder sister, and t...
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The Girl That No One Noticed... by Puppies59
The Girl That No One Puppies59
Sang Sorenson a girl with a past and secrets she wants to forget, she escaped the worst of it at 16 to travel the world and learn all sorts of things, she's not the weak...
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Highest Bidder  by Abuttman
Highest Bidder by Abuttman
Sang only has a few weeks before she's 18 and can finally be free of her awful family. Her plans are changed drastically when a stranger arrives at the Sorenson househol...
British Bird - #1 (Thursday, Weekly Updates) by BelindaPeters-Waine
British Bird - #1 (Thursday, Belinda Waine
British Bird Coming Soon After being removed from her parents care at the age of six, Sang experienced foster care after foster care until she ended up with the best pe...
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Breeding in the Academy: Searching for Freedom (All 14) by Azallya
Breeding in the Academy: Azallya
Men aren't born normally these days. If you have seen the news lately, scientists are sure that the Y chromosome is shrinking and in the distant future, there might be a...
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Chaos by KEConti
Chaosby KEConti
Sang broke her own heart. And their heart. She left them. It was to save them. But she still left them. Six years later the world has gone to shit. Join Sang and the ne...
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