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Hiraeth(n) 1) homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was 2) the nostalgia, the yearning or the grief for the lost places of your past ----------------------------------- Sang So- no. Sang Anderson has had a rough life. With a neglective father, a hateful sister, and an insane and abusive agoraphobic stepmother, it's no wonder she's afraid to leave the house. Things have been changing lately, however. Maybe for the better. A little under half a year ago, Academy team Anderson caught wind of the ghost bird's existence- and the crap she had to endure. Lily couldn't just sit back and let another team deal with saving Sang, so instead, she went in to extract her herself. All it took was one look, one glance for Lily to see that Sang was just like her. Five hours later, Sang was packing up to move in with Lily and her four husbands. The going has been rough. Sang still won't leave the house, she won't talk to strangers, in fact, she'll barely even let Lily touch her! Her family is getting worried- she isn't truly recovering. The Anderson Team knows they have to do something. That's where the Blacbourne Team comes in.


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by TheGhostByrd