Heaven & Hell
By realllyreilly
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The story has been told time and time again throughout the centuries: Lucifer and his followers rebelled and were cast out of Heaven. Now, they're known as the Devil and demons, though Lucifer prefers to keep his name and call his followers angels of Death. Not all angels cast from Heaven are angels of Death, though, some have just simply messed up and must redeem themselves. These angels are the Fallen. After spending centuries roaming the Earth, Lucifer fell in love with an angel. He worked his charms on her and she fell for him too. They lay together and produce a child, a child that is both Heaven and Hell. After this child was birthed, Lucifer's lover killed herself, afraid of what might happen if she went back to Heaven after falling for Lucifer. The daughter was placed with a wealthy family who accepted her as their own daughter and still haven't told her the truth. But all of that will change now. It's been 17 years of God being unaware of the existent of this child, but now that he has, he's recruited Fallen to off her, deciding that a child of Lucifer and a child of an Archangel is too powerful to walk on Earth. At the same time, Lucifer decides it's time to bring his daughter home and sends out some of his angels of Death. Each side is prepared to win and get what they want, too bad they have yet to meet the force of nature that is Sang Sorenson. After all, she possesses both Heaven and Hell. One thing is for sure: Sang is about to have one interesting summer vacation. Disclaimer: I do not own any of C.L. Stone's characters! All I own is my original characters in this and the plot.


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Heaven &a...
by realllyreilly