I Just Keep Falling...
By Lara2576
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You know, after being abused for most of the beginning 16 years of my life. I thought god had finally heard my plea when he gave me the ability to travel between worlds. But I was both right and wrong. Right ~ God had heard my plea, and because of my sheltered life, decided to give me the ability to get away from my family forever, by entering different worlds and exploring them. To add icing on the cake, he made me immortal. Now I can experience everything all the worlds have to offer, while retaining my 16 year old body. Another quirk of this gift, is for those around me to which I choose can have the same immortal quality. But they have to remain with me and I can take it from them just as quickly as I can give. Wrong ~ As I said before, God had heard my plea, but that wasn't the only reason he granted me these powers. You see, when you've been around for so long and created so many worlds, without being able to directly interfere, you begin to get bored. So God came to the conclusion that he needed someone to accompany him and for him to watch as they viewed all the worlds he created. That Someone Just So Happens To Be Me. Stay with me as I travel to a world, similar to my own, and meet 14 amazing guys who will change my life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I plan on creating more stories; both fanfictions and originals hopefully. So I implore you, please give whatever advice you can on how to improve my writing. This is a FanFiction of C.L.Stone. Many of the Characters are from her Original Works, and some may come from my own imagination. There will be no profit from this work, it is for entertainment purposes only. **WARNINGS** Will be posted if there is something inappropriate. Swearing will DEFINITELY be included in this story, and there won't be any notification for it.


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I Just Ke...
by Lara2576