I Was Gonna Be Your...
By SKimmel67628
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*All Characters belong to CL Stone, although the plot is mine-the idea adopted from savinggoddess Writing Prompts, please don't take it.... I make no profit at all in any way shape or form* Luke was the schools bad boy, the trouble maker-hot wiring cars, playing pranks, popping locks, and making mayhem wherever he went. Sang was the schools good all-American girl with the lawyer father, homemaker mother, and perfect attendance. She got straight A's, but no one was jealous-people loved her. She brought kindness and light wherever she went. Luke should have hated her, but he couldn't stay away from her-or her from him. They were the town's love story-everyone was so sure they'd end up together forever. So sweet and perfect and cliche it was sickening-yet that didn't happen. When she turned 18 and wanted to go to college, they fought-and he didn't go. He stayed behind, she went-and she came back different. He had his brother and seven close friends to help him-not to mention the bakery he started and the self medicating every night-but her? Something happened while she was gone. Something that no one knows about. Her parents are gone, and she's a completely different girl. She looks different, acts different, and the town isn't sure what to make of her. This story picks up when she's coming back, hoping to just fade away in peace. But what if she meets people who won't let her? ***TriggerWarning!!! I WILL ONLY SAY THIS ONCE!!!! This is a dark story. There will also be scenes that are 18 and up only-I'm marking at Mature for a reason!!!!!***

Part 1

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I Was Gon...
by SKimmel67628