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The Crimson Throne by HopeWinters_
The Crimson Throneby Hope Winters
*PREVIOUSLY CALLED WOLF BLOOD On the island of Scarvinia, a civil war among the common werewolf and man has raged on for centuries. With it, a century long feud of blood...
Steal My Fear by royaldreamsevermore
Steal My Fearby Autumn Grace
Sebastian was trapped inside his past, deep inside, he was drowning in it. He couldn't find his way out, no matter where he swam. That's why he needed to leave. His scar...
Ang Ibong Adarna (The Epic Fail Story) by hlcandlestick
Ang Ibong Adarna (The Epic Fail St...by H. L. Candlestick
This story is made due to boredom kaya ang storyang ito ay 100% puro kalokohan. Wag mag expect masasaktan ka lang. :D
IMPURE LOVE (1) ✔️ by dreamerxwrites
IMPURE LOVE (1) ✔️by Salina
Rose is no ordinary angel - she is one of the few remaining angels, who have 'the gift.' The moment her eyes fall upon Christian Black, her heart instantly falls in love...
THE BATTLE OF AERETH (4) ✔️ by dreamerxwrites
THE BATTLE OF AERETH (4) ✔️by Salina
#2Wattpadteenfiction If you want to read a book, with a good fantasy plot, you've come to the right place. Get ready for romance, royalty and magic. This book has everyt...
Marked by x3emmyy
Markedby Emmy ;)
I was supposed to have a life. I was supposed to live and die. Yet here I am. I was alive and then I died. Except I didn't stay dead. I was marked.
Tale of the Monarch Butterfly by dagirlwholovedyou
Tale of the Monarch Butterflyby Alluka
"It's majestic to think that everything in autumn dies yet it makes a new lovely haven." Do you experience the warmth of your significant other's embrace or it...
Soul of Devotion by mscii_
Soul of Devotionby c
How can I feel him? How can I touch him? How can I love him? When I'm just a soul. Will my devotion wins over death? ranked #4 in wattpadfantasy All rights reserved 20...
The mistake (on hold) by GiannaxStories
The mistake (on hold)by Stories💛
When you move From New York to California will your life become worse? Find out on @Themistake 🌈🌙
Greed by JessieTheMikaelson
Greedby Jessica Hart
Welcome to the tale of greed. Where once in a simple town of Wordsworth lived four ladies who craved for power and wealth were struck with an opportunity to gain it but...
Creatures by umi_suriya02
Creaturesby umi :)
In a new Earth, there are creatures lurking up to these two humans that don't know where they are. They're clueless, trying to find a way out. But they go through many o...
Jelly is Little Fish Who Dreams Of finding the Golden Box, And for it, He Will to Enter in An Adventurous And Dangerous Journey, He will not be Alone. On their journey...
The Nova Chronicles ( COMING SOON) by CassandraJ2
The Nova Chronicles ( COMING SOON)by Cassandra Jin
"Let's talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs; Write sorrow on the bosom of the earth, And tell sad stories of the death of kings; How some have been deposed...
Prodigy Academy  by XiaoMina-Mina
Prodigy Academy by XiaoMina-Mina
Prodigy Academy?? Hmmm sounds ordinary but it's not. You want to know the secrets behind the oh-so famous school, the Prodigy Academy? Well what are you waiting for? Fi...
Collection Of Shorts by CreativeDreams
Collection Of Shortsby Manisha
Short Stories of all Genre Chapter 1 - The Crown Chapter 2 - Camille's Funeral #lastsummer2020
The Lost by LordRiddle101
The Lostby LordRiddle101
Will they win the race to find the lost gem before Death?
Queen of Hearts #killthecliche by WhiskeyJaneDoe
Queen of Hearts #killtheclicheby Jane Doe
Learn the truth about Alice in Wonderland in this completed short story. Not every story has a happy ending. **WINNER** @dangerouslove #killthecliche competition
The World Of Us (On-going) by caaaaattyyy
The World Of Us (On-going)by Cassandra Britaña
"I'm j-just your reader.." "Can I call you as 'Mireader than Milady?"
Monica Olsen's Insta  by PuppyLoverrs
Monica Olsen's Insta by PuppyLove
"Dont Leave Without A Fight For Love" Monica Olsen
Caldia University (on hold) by vinchjan
Caldia University (on hold)by vinchjan
A girl named Lucy is one of the bitter girls in class... she is not that bitter, but she don't believe in LOVE she only thinks about BOOKSssSss... One day, on her way...