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The Elements Return: Fire by our_purple_skies
The Elements Return: Fireby our_purple_skies
Adara was your average girl, she got good grades, had a loving mom, and loved food. When she turns sixteen, she gain mysterious powers. Along with these powers, her supe...
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Ang Ibong Adarna (The Epic Fail Story) by hlcandlestick
Ang Ibong Adarna (The Epic Fail St...by H. L. Candlestick
This story is made due to boredom kaya ang storyang ito ay 100% puro kalokohan. Wag mag expect masasaktan ka lang. :D
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ᴷʸᵘⁿᵍʰᵒ by LupusAurora
ᴷʸᵘⁿᵍʰᵒby LupusAurora
ˢᵉᵉᵐᶤᶰᵍˡʸ ᵃʷᵃᵏᵉⁿᶤⁿᵍ. [this is in no way based on any real life events or people]
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Caldia University (on hold) by vinchjan
Caldia University (on hold)by vinchjan
A girl named Lucy is one of the bitter girls in class... she is not that bitter, but she don't believe in LOVE she only thinks about BOOKSssSss... One day, on her way...
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The Tales Of Royal by VincentVoltaire
The Tales Of Royalby Vincent Voltaire
Starts with one that branches to hundreds of others.
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IMPURE LOVE (1) ✔️ by dreamerxwrites
IMPURE LOVE (1) ✔️by Salina
Rose is no ordinary angel - she is one of the few remaining angels, who have 'the gift.' The moment her eyes fall upon Christian Black, her heart instantly falls in love...
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Jelly is Little Fish Who Dreams Of finding the Golden Box, And for it, He Will to Enter in An Adventurous And Dangerous Journey, He will not be Alone. On their journey...
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Love Maze | PenOfRoses by PenOfRoses
Love Maze | PenOfRosesby Kbang♡
"Love...and Mazes... same thing, different words"
Senja Merona by creativisionpapers
Senja Meronaby _CN
'Kali ini langit mulai cemburu karena sejak aku bersamanya, aku tidak lagi memandangnya seperti dulu' - Senja, 2018 Sebuah catatan tentang perasaan yang hilang, paradok...
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Land of Dawn (ML) by Fritzg26
Land of Dawn (ML)by Fritz Intalan
This story is inspired by Moonton~a company who manage the Mobile Legends Application. This is all about the heroes or characters in Mobile Legends or ML. I am Fritz...
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Monica Olsen's Insta  by PuppyLoverrs
Monica Olsen's Insta by PuppyLove
"Dont Leave Without A Fight For Love" Monica Olsen
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The Sacrifice (5) by dreamerxwrites
The Sacrifice (5)by Salina
Sometimes, love can be blinding. This was definitely the case for Sylvie. She was prepared to lose everything for the sake of her mortal love, but was it worth the sacri...
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The mistake (on hold) by GiannaxStories
The mistake (on hold)by Stories💛
When you move From New York to California will your life become worse? Find out on @Themistake 🌈🌙
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Numbers by Harliquinade101
Numbersby Quinnalynn Winchester
Thorn Rose has spent the last year trying to get away from her past. With her sister gone and her engagement over, she finds herself working as a less than glorified p...
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The Lost by LordRiddle101
The Lostby LordRiddle101
Will they win the race to find the lost gem before Death?
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Damsel in Success by prvylee
Damsel in Successby prvylee
A short story about how a princess saves her kingdom. 500 words. Cover by Prvylee.
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Blood Oath by demonRAJ
Blood Oathby Rahul Mishra
═━┈ • ┈━═ "Worldliness can be avoided by culturing the knowledge of impermanence" A legacy lost for thousands of years accidentally fell into the hands of an...
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MARGARETTE HARRIS and The Mysterious Shadow (MH1) (#wattys2016) by yelle_precious22
MARGARETTE HARRIS and The Mysterio...by Yelle
Margarette Harris became an orphan when her parents got died from the night where the dark lord Maurrius King made a rebellion against the wizards and witches in the Mag...
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Brina by suzzy_ann
Brinaby Suzie Greene
"Don't worry your Highness, I won't let you down." Young and beautiful Brina Nightingale has always wanted to be one of the Royal Knights. She never thought it...
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Prodigy Academy  by XiaoMina-Mina
Prodigy Academy by XiaoMina-Mina
Prodigy Academy?? Hmmm sounds ordinary but it's not. You want to know the secrets behind the oh-so famous school, the Prodigy Academy? Well what are you waiting for? Fi...
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