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◇~master Tord × Master Edd × Tom~◇ by doyoucare666
◇~master Tord × Master Edd × Tom~◇by ...助けて...
This is Tord × Edd × Tom uwu Tom is sub of course though. soooo....heres the story~ Tord and Edd are fighting over the Tommo boi,they both keep being more nicer than us...
Watchful RED Eyes by DemiGboss
Watchful RED Eyesby DGBoss
Tom is going to therapy at an asylum. He gets into trouble one day with one of the patients. ---- Something is strange about this place and why does it feel like this p...
Min Kjære. -TordTom by xplrsh3y
Min Kjære. -TordTomby ♡
"What the fuck have you've done?" -TordTom -Paultryk (I ship the characters only.) *Future AU. - lots of angst. enjoy. ʕ'• ᴥ•̥'ʔ
Silver Eyes {TordTom} by NastyPaech
Silver Eyes {TordTom}by $Qwerty$
After getting lost in an alley, Tom was attacked. A mysterious creature appears, saving Tom. This creature has a distinct feature to Tom, the silver eyes. Tom notices To...
Strawberry Panic {TomTord} by god-wont-answer
Strawberry Panic {TomTord}by Time is fake and you are valid
Tom wasn't good at a lot of things; keeping friends, being nice, staying sober? Nah, forget it. But dressing up and pretending to be a girl? Now that might be something...
Shadow Bane (TordTom) by GwynGold13
Shadow Bane (TordTom)by Gale Storm
(this my Shadow AU) Tomaronas was a servant of Mala, the Queen of the shadows, who ruled the shadows and watched their world and protected all her inhabitants. He served...
Last To Fall. by MegaPeachPineapple
Last To MegaPeach!
(TomTord) Finally, all he could have ever hoped for was in his hands, everything was perfect. Yet, is anyone ever truly happy as the King of a land bound by isolation? C...
Chances by Narkoma_
Chancesby Igloo
Tomtord There will be angst, possible gore, and sad. I will not be using real last names! Thomas Keith Tord Lawson Edward Artifex Matthew Cordon THESE ARE THE LAST NAME...
Red Bandit (Tordtom) by Supercali1253
Red Bandit (Tordtom)by Da_Strange_Child
Sheriff Tom meets Detective Edd... then he meets a new, flirty bartender... then he meets a red bandit, who Edd had accidentally shot. Are all these meetings linked or j...
That Peasant (TordTom) by MjelikART
That Peasant (TordTom)by Bad Coffee
"Two people who has the same color of souls are 'Soulmates'." Thomas Rodge, a simple person in the Wize kingdom. He and his sister, Tamara Rodge lives in a sma...
My hacker (smut i think idk) by thisiscoollol12345
My hacker (smut i think idk)by ❤︎︎𝕩_𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕝_𝕩❤︎︎
In this au tom is a hacker and edd,matt and tord doesn't know about this tom just told them that he has a job as something. Meh idk i was just bored and don't expect me...
~Forever Rivals~, (TordTom)(HIATUS) by Lunaxywolf
~Forever Rivals~, (TordTom)(HIATUS)by Dark Nyehx
~HIATUS~ Basiclly Tom and Tord hate each other and then one of them develops feelings for the other he won't say it though and leaves and creates his army and soon force...
Villain - TomTord  by xplrsh3y
Villain - TomTord by ♡
- Future/Crisis Au♡ - Will have TordTom moments!!! - Tw: Emotional Abuse, GORE, A Lot Of A N G S T. (Characters belong to Edd Gould. I only ship the characters!)
Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [ Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
|Discontinued| Flesh & Hearts- Zombie Au(TordTom) by Supercali1253
|Discontinued| Flesh & Hearts- Da_Strange_Child
Tord has been turned into a zombie because of a mistake in the Red Base.Now there is a zombie apocalypse.Luckily he still has a bit of humanity in him so he searches for...
What happened to you?... by thisiscoollol12345
What happened to you? ❤︎︎𝕩_𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕝_𝕩❤︎︎
Getting backfired three times..bruh New story! Tom's drinking problem is getting worse he even hurted his loved one's and tom was put to an asylum type of prison for his...
Hungry For Something Else by Tinu390
Hungry For Something Elseby
The group of 4 are having their usual adventures, finding aliens, almost killing themselves, getting powers and whatnot. But they don't cross a line. They stay in the go...
EddTom//TordTom//MattTom by animeleader838
EddTom//TordTom//MattTomby animeleader838
or more like, tomedd tomtord and tomatt but since Tom is bottom then... yeah. This is a smut book, but I'll add angst and fluff too. credit to the original artist for th...
+Lap Dance+  by FauxBlue
+Lap Dance+ by SouthBanana
🔼🔼 Story Discontinued 🔼🔼 (TomxTord) Tom is kicked out of the house and needs a job. Nobody will hire him so he applies for a job at a bar. A male stripper. He gets a...
Swear words and pet names (Tomtord) by Bloodinjuryinjection
Swear words and pet names (Tomtord)by jeph
Tom is frustrated with not being able to understand Tord when he insults him in Norwegian. After an argument, he sets off to learn as many Norwegian swears and insults a...