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I'm You're Man // EDD X READER X TORD // (Not gonna finish but it'll be a memes) by happE_dayZ
I'm You're Man // EDD X READER X T...by luce
Ever since you have been living with the four goofballs, you feel like Edd and Tord are the two men that like you. As in like-like you. Who will you choose? Who will be...
Drawn Together(Edd x Reader) by Royal_Reigna
Drawn Together(Edd x Reader)by 💜Reigna💜
You, being Tom's little sister, have come to live with him and his roommates because you've been kicked out of your apartment. When one artistic boy catches your eye, yo...
Eddsworld x Reader by EddsworldWriter
Eddsworld x Readerby EddsworldReader
COMPLETED BOOK Eddsworld x Reader!
tordmatt + tomedd one shots // fluff and smut by mumptydumpty
tordmatt + tomedd one shots // flu...by mumptydumpty
Read it bitch (it's not very good for a majority of the time but like get over it)
Tom X Reader ( Eddsworld) by Dismal_Devil
Tom X Reader ( Eddsworld)by HoneyBuddahChip
You are living with your brother, Edd, and his roommates. One of Edd's roommates seems to have caught your attention, he was different, you liked it. You work at home as...
Eddsworld x reader oneshots by Urlocalsimp59
Eddsworld x reader oneshotsby Sunny
(Fem reader cuz I don't know how to write male, sorry) This might be crappy... OH WELL! Characters included: Edd, Matt, Tom, Tord, Jon I'm totally writing this out of fr...
I'm Yours~Eddsworld X Reader (CURRENTLY EDITING) by Wow_thatsgay
I'm Yours~Eddsworld X Reader (CURR...by Tommie_Tord14
i'M CURRENTLY EDITING THIS STORY, SO SOME CHAPTERS MAY LOOK DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS. Normal Eddsworld X reader stuff, you end up with one of the 4 and you live with them...
TordTom Smutshots (Requests closed for now) by I_ship_people_27
TordTom Smutshots (Requests closed...by ☕︎ᴸᴼᴼ☕︎
Just smut my dudes bc I can't stop thinking about it- Cover NOT drawn by me :) • • • Milestones ᕙ( ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑ )ᕗ #1 in toritam🏆 #1 in smutshot🏆 #1 in ellsworld🏆 #1 i...
Tomtord/Tomtord Pictures  by Bun_TheShipper
Tomtord/Tomtord Pictures by Inactive
Mostly tordtom pics There will be 3 pics on each page Unless theres a bonus uwu
Red Bandit (Tordtom) by Supercali1253
Red Bandit (Tordtom)by Da_Strange_Child
Sheriff Tom meets Detective Edd... then he meets a new, flirty bartender... then he meets a red bandit, who Edd had accidentally shot. Are all these meetings linked or j...
Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [Fu...by Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
Eddsworld X ChildReader by Skyrek
Eddsworld X ChildReaderby That One Weirdo
Oh, what's this!? Yet another Eddsworld x ChildReader. I honestly love these stories but you see so many of them and yet almost none are finished. So I'm gonna make my o...
Eddsworld Boyfriend Scenarios  by spacewolfie1317
Eddsworld Boyfriend Scenarios by Ghost frogs
This book is old, so like the first 40 or so chapters are pretty bad and such. I'm going on 16 and started this at 12. This is starting to use all pronouns. She/he/they...
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Eddsworld + Child!Reader {CONTINUING}  by AechonOfSorts
Eddsworld + Child!Reader {CONTINUI...by • ° ✴✝ヨピ✝✴° •
(☆^ー^☆) -Good Grammar, check! -No Mary Sues, check! -no random angst, check! Eddsworld belongs to the eddsworld crew, and most art belongs to it's rightful owners, I onl...
♡Eddsworld X Reader Oneshots♡ by Pastel_Kitty_Tom
♡Eddsworld X Reader Oneshots♡by ☆Kitty Boy☆
There will obviously be lemon in this book. also, I will be taking requests. Now John Arbuckle the fuck up and enjoy this book you sinners 💕
New Start. (tordtom, Future, NSFW!! BEING WERITTEN!!) by 3D3R44
New Start. (tordtom, Future, NSFW...by st★r
A Tordtom fanfic!!! !!!WARNING SMUT AND ANGST!!!!!! Tom had been away from his friends for awhile. One day when he got a call from someone he hated, Tord. Tom was pissed...
Mine  {FUTURE TOMTORD} {COMPLETED} by mindfulchump
* ART IS NOT MADE BY ME AND FULL CREDIT TO WHOEVER DID THAT AMAZING WORK OF ART x A few years after The End, Tom moved out of Edd and Matt's house and found a place of h...
Eddsworld x Reader ☆Done!!!☆ by _kit_10
Eddsworld x Reader ☆Done!!!☆by _kit_10
I can't write the best but I need requests from ppl.
《• Eddsworld x Reader scenarios •》 by KitKat726
《• Eddsworld x Reader scenarios •》by KitKat726
This will be reader x Eddsworld scenarios Will be doing the following -Matt -Edd -Tom -Tord - Ell - Matilda - Tamara - Tori - Eduardo - Mark - Jon - Paul (Pau) - P...
Eddsworld X Reader (GIRLS ONLY!) (Why Are Y'all Still Reading This!)  by jazzymills9
Eddsworld X Reader (GIRLS ONLY!) (...by Veronica
I like Eddsworld it made me happy and has helped me with art. So thank u Eddsworld.(GIRLS ONLY!) Cover was made by my friend child-rue. 2021 This book was made soooo lon...