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Poison (TordTom) by -YOURMOTHPIMP-
Poison (TordTom)by ~VALENTINO~
Tord is living with Edd, Matt, and Tom yet again. Tom doesn't trust him, and it's going to take a lot to gain Tom's trust. Will Tord find a way to build a friendship bet...
It Will Be Better (Eddsworld X Child!Reader) by BlueBerryVSE
It Will Be Better (Eddsworld X BlueBerryVSE
You'd never really been treated like a kid before and especially not by your parents. However, after an incident occurs one day at the local mall and you're left practic...
Enemies or Lovers? ( Tord x Reader) by cupcakegodforlife
Enemies or Lovers? ( Tord x Reader)by 鈾rashqueen鈾
(Y/N) is finally coming back home to live with her brother Edd. she's a detective that is on the case for finding and arresting The Red Leader. little does she know, sh...
The lost one. Tord X reader. by Fan_girl76
The lost one. Tord X Fan_girl76
The lost one. Being absolutely broken was her specialty. Who knew my life would change forever when I met her. Beautiful as ever, she sees herself as a horrid mess. Sca...
Eddsworld X ChildReader by Skyrek
Eddsworld X ChildReaderby That One Weirdo
Oh, what's this!? Yet another Eddsworld x ChildReader. I honestly love these stories but you see so many of them and yet almost none are finished. So I'm gonna make my o...
you again? | tord x reader by kauhle
you again? | tord x readerby shark
Death and fear was all that surrounded you while you were in the blue army, as their leader, you had all the hopes and dreams of your soldiers on your back. You couldn't...
Nine-tailed Love |Tordtom| by Supercali1253
Nine-tailed Love |Tordtom|by Da_Strange_Child
Mythology AU (Suggested by @kink_shamimgismykink ) Tord is an nine-tailed fox who is found by Tom in the woods. Tom helps him and they eventually form a friendship. Some...
Tord x Half-Dragon reader by Shadow_Ketten
Tord x Half-Dragon readerby Shadow_Ketten
I'm completely obsessed with anything and everything about "How 2 Train Your Dragon" so now theres this breakdown of story: the events of The End have happened...
TomTord smutshots / Oneshots (OLD) by meandbro
TomTord smutshots / Oneshots (OLD)by me and my br酶 try t酶y sh酶wers...
There is alot of smut and gay shiz here. If u don't like gay or smut, don't read this, or u don't ship TomTord. DON'T, READ, THIS! thank u :3 2022 edit: this this very o...
Stubborn (TordxBlind!Reader) by Kizeira
Stubborn (TordxBlind!Reader)by Azra Atara
(Y/n) lived alone for quite awhile, her family left her because she was blind, she found how to work things on her own, to live, cook/bake, she was very talented! Meetin...
Forgiveness? - TomTord (Depressed Tord x Tom) by FaithfulMelodies07
Forgiveness? - TomTord ( Author-Chan
It was The End, but instead of the harpoon missing Tord, it hit him in the chest. He survived the crash and Pau and Pat saved him from massive blood loss by patching him...
Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic) by Cannedbabs
Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic)by Brave
This is a Tom x Tord FanFiction! Oneshots of them will come later if I feel like it// Warning: Possibly NSFW Material! (I will put at the beginning of the chapters), cur...
Just Like Old Times by CriBabyBoyo
Just Like Old Timesby Wisdom the Wizard
Takes place after 'the end' Edd and Matt find it in their hearts to forgive Tord, yet Tom refuses to think Tord has changed. However after moving in Tord learns that To...
"I'm Crazy, but you Like That" by FandomEntertainer
"I'm Crazy, but you Like That"by Fandom Entertainer
饾槒饾槮 饾樃饾槩饾樀饾槫饾槱饾槮饾槬 饾樀饾槱饾槮 饾槰饾槳饾槼饾槶 饾槾饾槳饾樀饾樀饾槳饾槸饾槰 饾槸饾槮饾樄饾樀 饾樀饾槹 饾槢饾槹饾槷, 饾樀饾槱饾槮 饾槹饾槸饾槮 饾槺饾槮饾槼饾槾饾槹饾槸 饾槱饾槮 饾槱饾槹饾槺饾槮饾槬 饾槾饾槱饾槮'饾槬 饾槸饾槮饾樂饾槮饾槼 饾槰饾槼饾槹饾樃饾槸 饾槫饾槶饾槹饾槾饾槮 饾樀饾槹. 饾槒饾槮...
Dear Diary (Tord x Female!Reader) by deadcat1919
Dear Diary (Tord x Female!Reader)by simp
8th grader Y/N moves to Durdam Lane High School. Everything was normal until she found her crush, Tord. She wrote it all in her diary. Read it all to find out...
"Are You...Pregnant?" by kiwi_apap
"Are You...Pregnant?"by kiwi
ZAKO艃CZONE TomTord. Transgender. Mpreg. Tom jest transseksulist膮 i nie ukrywa tego. Jego wsp贸艂lokatorzy dobrze o tym wiedz膮. Pewnego dnia gdy zostaj膮 sami w domu urz膮dza...
Eddsworld x Child!Reader {CONTINUING}  by AechonOfSorts
Eddsworld x Child!Reader { 鈥 掳 鉁粹湞銉ㄣ償鉁濃湸掳 鈥
(鈽哵銉糬鈽) -Good Grammar, check! -No Mary Sues, check! -no random angst, check! Eddsworld belongs to the eddsworld crew, and most art belongs to it's rightful owners, I onl...
Tomtord/Tomtord Pictures  by Bun_TheShipper
Tomtord/Tomtord Pictures by Inactive
Mostly tordtom pics There will be 3 pics on each page Unless theres a bonus uwu
Cat Eyes || Tomtord by Smugegg
Cat Eyes || Tomtordby Smugegg
~After the end~ Tom drank heavily in "celebration" of shooting Tord with a harpoon. Unfortunately, he overdosed and died. The afterlife wasn't what he thought...
鈽!Eddsworld X Reader Scenarios!鈽 by Katsuyama-San
鈽!Eddsworld X Reader Scenarios!鈽by Kace
The art on the cover is not mine and it came from the app Amino on 馃審Eddsworld Amino馃審 This Scenario story will have the main four Tom Edd Matt and Tord! And this is for...