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Poison (TordTom) by -YOURMOTHPIMP-
Poison (TordTom)by ~VALENTINO~
Tord is living with Edd, Matt, and Tom yet again. Tom doesn't trust him, and it's going to take a lot to gain Tom's trust. Will Tord find a way to build a friendship bet...
★ - tordtom smutshots by honphoria
★ - tordtom smutshotsby ❝ 🌼 𝙝𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙮 ❞
sup horny fucks! /j this is,, well, its as the title goes. tordtom smutshots, for all you sinners. ★ a few things to note before reading: - this is a NSFW/smut book bank...
Loosing Control by _dragon_lord_
Loosing Controlby _dragon_lord_
Edd, Matt and Tom has been betrayed by their forth bestfriend Tord. ((eddisode 'The End')) Tom has become less trusting and more protective of his two friends; Edd and M...
Mine  {FUTURE TOMTORD} {COMPLETED} by mindfulchump
* ART IS NOT MADE BY ME AND FULL CREDIT TO WHOEVER DID THAT AMAZING WORK OF ART x A few years after The End, Tom moved out of Edd and Matt's house and found a place of h...
Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [ Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
❥ tordtom oneshots《 by honphoria
❥ tordtom oneshots《by ❝ 🌼 𝙝𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙮 ❞
just a bunch of oneshots i made for fun of my all time favorite op, tomtord/tordtom. consists of fluff, angst, and smut. requests are open! enjoy! cover image drawn by m...
death hotline (tomtord) by altneighbourhood
death hotline (tomtord)by ❌exclusion❌
tom deems his life is at an end, but is still hopeful. he turns to the suicide hotline for help, but accidently falls in love with the hotliner. does the hotliner feel...
What the future holds... {future TomTord} (completed) by coolema12
What the future holds... {future ScientificLubeFacts
Tom was never happy about the fact he worked for him... But he had to, otherwise he would be shot dead. He wasn't the cleanest record in Tords amry which is why he was h...
Strawberry Panic {TomTord} by god-wont-answer
Strawberry Panic {TomTord}by Time is fake and you are valid
Tom wasn't good at a lot of things; keeping friends, being nice, staying sober? Nah, forget it. But dressing up and pretending to be a girl? Now that might be something...
Eddsworld one shots (FINISHED) by sapphicdaydreams
Eddsworld one shots (FINISHED)by Adrian
stop requesting you fucks it says the book is over
The Florist  { TomTord }  by TheBunicorn
The Florist { TomTord } by TheBunicorn
Tom and Tord were childhood friends but they do not seem to get along. As they go through high school they always fight and try to be better than the other. Tord was kn...
Teach me, love  by Skuffelse
Teach me, love by Skuffelse
I can teach you how to say 'I love you'. But I can't teach you to mean it. - Based on skimson's tordtom highschool AU. Updates hopefully every Saturday <3 Artwork: se...
Tord Returns : TomXTord  •{completed}• by _dragon_lord_
Tord Returns : TomXTord •{ _dragon_lord_
This is a tom x tord story :3 if you want another book of a different ship. Then just ask me
Walls | TomTord by YukiDandere
Walls | TomTordby letz kill da ho
Two emotional wrecks who argue like teenage girls; a clad in blue, calm as the ocean yet still storms his cries and the clad in red who chose betrayal, the one who overt...
Who are you? (TomTord) by Sweety1635
Who are you? (TomTord)by Sweety Cake 1635
(After The End) Tord woke up on the hill, his head hurting. He was just laying on the ground in pain coming from his face and his arm. He found out he couldn't see out o...
saltines and capri-suns {tomtord} by SpoopyTree
saltines and capri-suns {tomtord}by insomniac
tord has been diagnosed with depression and goes to stupid therapy every single day. he barely sees colors anymore, everything seems like it's in black and white. the on...
When You Called by angsty_fanfics
When You Calledby fanfic_writer
When Tom is severely depressed, Tord deals with his problems carelessly. He opts to go out for a night with friends, leaving Tom by himself. What would happen if he ign...
Traitorous Love by angsty_fanfics
Traitorous Loveby fanfic_writer
This is kinda based off of the Crisis AU! The Red Army runs the world now, and no one dare defies Tord. Tom is Tord's second in command. Edd is the leader of the rebelli...
Wanderlust by mapleuaf
Wanderlustby Meenah
Tom a semi quiet person who keeps to himself and doesn't like to go out much. Tord an adventurousness outsider who is very social and fun to be around. ✨HighSchool au✨ ...