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The Addams Family by the_introvert422
The Addams Familyby Little Black Ghost
Male Wednesday x Female Reader Based on the 1991 movie The Addmas Family (Y/n) = Your Name (H/c) = Hair Color (H/l) = Hair Length (E/c) = Eye Color (S/c) = Skin Color I...
Narcissa's Time Turner by ScarletttVVitch
Narcissa's Time Turnerby Scarlettt VVitch
Draco finds out about his Veela heritage and is doomed to die a slow death for failing to find his mate, Hermione. He uses an heirloom time turner to go back to the past...
Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash] by AlyWasHere17
Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]by Aly
Forced to share his bed with an attractive stranger, Ash Jamieson suddenly finds himself confronted with feelings he thought he'd repressed. ...
Luna? No sir i'm a Marine by NotJustAGirlWithWifi
Luna? No sir i'm a Marineby NotJustAGirlWithWifi
They say i'm the Beauty and he's the Beast, but my life is far from a fairy tale. I thought I had everything figured out, I thought I knew what was real and what was fan...
picket fence - sodapop curtis fanfic by sodapopsunrise
picket fence - sodapop curtis izzy ♡
i will always be thankful that i forgot the directions my cousin gave to me on the way to his house.
hurt by simpforbarness
hurtby 𝓴
a story about Chris Evans and Y/N's marriage. The Evans' life was doing really great, but something unexpected happened. wrote this bcs i needed a cute domestic husband...
Night At The Museum:Ahkmenrah's Undying Love by MrsHoran0019
Night At The Museum:Ahkmenrah's Alyssa<3
Larry Daley: Can't keep a job, single, divorced, father of two, move around kind of guy. He gets a job at the Museum of Natural History to keep his apartment. H...
The New Student; A modern day SasuNaru  by GlimmerandShine12
The New Student; A modern day Shen!!
Naruto just started at his new school to escape the bad history at his old one and instantly catches the eye of Sasuke. Although Naruto's eye has been caught by someone...
Howls of the Lost |The Re-Telling| by ErinxJacobs
Howls of the Lost |The Re-Telling|by Erin
Torian is the only female Alpha she knows of. And as the Alpha, she takes pride in her small pack of nomads. And then one day her pack runs into a pack of territorial wo...
Taken, Respectfully by Myadence
Taken, Respectfullyby Myadence
Lune is a mute princess from the magical kingdom of Aespivia who is being married of to a lunatic! A prince, but still a lunatic. She's finally had enough and has decide...
Opposites Attract by cheesemuncher
Opposites Attractby Cheese Muncher
The great pair Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde discovers a spark, after one little moment shared in their office reveals their true affections for each other, and changes ever...
💮 ♧Çøûñtrÿhūmåńš Żødįāç Bõôk♧💮 by Ihaveasnakeinmyhouse
💮 ♧Çøûñtrÿhūmåńš Żødįāç Bõôk♧💮by ||~𝕍𝕖𝕟𝕦𝕤 𝕊𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕞~||
♪♤Rêqüēštś Øpęñ♤♪ <<Î wįłł wrītę>> Fluff🧸(eg. 'Who cuddles with you after a nightmare?') Angst⛈(eg. 'Who catches you s*|f h4rm!ng?' >>Ï wøñ't wrįtê<...
The Road to Recovery (Drarry) by ki_rivers
The Road to Recovery (Drarry)by K. I. Rivers
After the Battle of Hogwarts, all students were asked to return to repeat their year for a proper education, much unlike what they received the previous year with Death...
Rejected with his baby by demonsinwonderland
Rejected with his babyby my heart. my soul.
The pain was too intense. I had no one. Parents? My mother died in a fire. Father couldn't stand seeing how much I looked like my mother. Sibling? My father still belie...
Tris and Four by fourtrisobsessed
Tris and Fourby Fourtris babies
Tris has been in Dauntless for 3 years now and there is no war. There's no Al, but the rest are there. So I hope you like this
The Crew: The King and the Girl Across the street by princesslilyanne
The Crew: The King and the Girl lilyanne is dead
At Martin View High, you're either somebody, or nobody. There is no in between. I'm nobody. I've always been nobody. And my life is uneventful. Until a certain someone c...
TMNT MIKEY x RAPH (yaoi) by Lpsttmnt13
TMNT MIKEY x RAPH (yaoi)by TmnTLPS1213
Mikey always had feelings for Raph but didn't even know it one day they got into a fight and he ran out the lair..suddenly the krang captured him and did xsparaments on...
They Call Him The Young Wolf ⚔ Robb Stark by -bucky
They Call Him The Young Wolf ⚔ ˗ˏˋ Adz ˊˎ˗
Elizabeth Furrow, of House Lannister, is forced to betrothed a Stark boy to establish peace to end the war waging and to unite and kill the feud between Houses Stark and...
Finding Forever (Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction) by atracyxo
Finding Forever (Tom Hiddleston Ashley
"Its not a matter of finding the person you were meant to be with, but a matter of waiting to find each other." After breaking up with her boyfriend of seven y...
The Undecided Title Of Sara Miller (Thorin/OC) by Shylowdeath
The Undecided Title Of Sara Elise Hamann
"You need to know something," said Fili, taking her face in his large warm hands. "You will always have me. Even if the Valar take you away tomorrow, I wi...