Sace: Enemies To Lo...
By JustSimpNow
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COMPLETED ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Everything written here is fiction and exaggerated for the drama like most romance stories. ! ! Y/N Approved ! ! Sace: Enemies To Lovers is your basic enemies to lovers type of story, but is isn't basic. Sace includes a story line as well as cute scenes and scenarios you can fantasize about with whoever you like. We will include special chapters where our main protagonist is replaced with y/n for all you lovelies out there. These special chapters will only be some of the cute scenes we include and will be titled "Y/N Scene: Blah Blah" for example "Y/N Scene: A Walk In The Park" Y/n scenes are written in third person. P R O N O U N S & G E N D E R S Also we want to be inclusive about all pronouns, sexualities and genders so in Y/N stories we include simple pronouns like She/Her, He/Him and They/Them. For genders we include the basic ones, female and male. Sorry if your pronouns or gender isn't included, there are so many out there we couldn't write them all! ☆Inspiration☆ This Enemies To Lovers was inspired by To All The Boys I've Loved Before so if you get a sense of that don't be surprised. Although we will work to make it our own. Sace was also inspired by a ship we have between 2 of our friends so if it feels very detailed sometimes just know it probably isn't fiction. ~About~ Sace: Enemies To Lovers is about a girl named Sophia and her childhood neighbor Ace. The two of them slowly became friends, but was soon ruined by another girl causing them to be enemies. In middle school Ace tries reaching out to Sophia, but before they could develop a true friendship Ace is forced to move due to family reasons. The two never expected to see eachother again, but what happens before highschool when another boy moves next door may change their thinking.


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Sace: Ene...
by JustSimpNow