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Trouble In Paradise? by ThatOneAuthor101
Trouble In Paradise?by Cassie.M
After battling with a life threatening disease, Stephanie finally got the all clear on her health. She was free to live her life. She is starting a new school at...
Fluke by kennedy_trent
Flukeby Kennedy Trent
"For a place called Paradise City, this island sucks. I don't think a single day has gone by that I haven't thought about stabbing the shit out of myself," he...
Love Island by KayKayWriting
Love Islandby Kay
Welcome to Love Island! The reality TV show where a dozen lonely 20-something singles sign up to be filmed on an island for a few weeks while they look for love. In orde...
Through the Paradise (Sequel to Through the Pain) by LuLuOnFire
Through the Paradise (Sequel to Dartford Goblin
Whattttt a 4th book? :DThat's right, Mickey and Newt are sill making it through, but they are now in their own paradise. Even though the Flare is still present in their...
Moving On (Peter Pan X Reader ft. TMR: Newt)  by Once_Upon_A_Glade
Moving On (Peter Pan X Reader Once_Upon_A_Glade
[Completed] The Gladers were in the land they've dreamed and longed for for so long, Paradise. Everyone was happy, but there was a girl who wasn't happy at all. She tri...
Hard Time - m.p by mattiyahh
Hard Time - m.pby Mattiasbebe
So Yasmin lived in New Jersey her whole life until her parents died. She had people who bullied her since 7th grade. She went to New York with her aunt and brothers for...
PARADISE [ JACHARY ]by maeve! ᵕ̈
- in which he fucks up, and then has to face the consequences [ sequel to bachelor ]
Paradise ♥  by zinzinbaekhyun04
Paradise ♥ by Park Jinhyun04
​ေမာင္​နဲ႔ Baek ၾကားမွာ ဘယ္​လိုအ​ေႏွာက္​အယွက္​ အတားအဆီးမွ မဝင္​​ေစရဘူး​ ​ေမာင္​♥ Baek က နိဗၺာန္​ဘံု​ေလးတစ္​ခု ဖန္​တီး​ေပးမွာ♥
Finally Free Dumped & Pregnant (book 2 Completed) by khassal
Finally Free Dumped & Pregnant ( Mel
After going through so much, Isabella Joshua and their baby Elise are finally able to start their new life. With Jaxon well and truly locked up for the next ten years. I...
The Precious Princess |MAGICAL LOVE|(Royalties Academy) by Little_Acey
The Precious Princess |MAGICAL J̆̈ⁱˡᵉⁿ💛
TAGLISH- A precious princess lives in the Beautiful Paradise Kingdom with her Mother and Father and her older brother, this Princess is having a great dream with a princ...
Forced Paradise by toN_eM_tegroF
Forced Paradiseby toN_eM_tegroF
A girl finds herself in paradise. Only she is caged, like a bird, by the secret stranger who seems to know her better than she knows herself. Will she be able to move pa...
Trapped in Paradise by STStevens
Trapped in Paradiseby S.T. Stevens
Grace is too young to be taken as prisoner and forced to play house with the mysterious 'sir'. She's seventeen and was on the fast-track to college, and now she's wearin...
Always and Forever》Death Cure (TMR) by lovethebreeze
Always and Forever》Death Cure (TMR)by lovethebreeze
Please, don't leave me. [Book 3 of The Fighter series.] [Disclaimer: I only own Danielle, Tony, and their part of the story.]
The Real Savior: Paradise by Once_Upon_A_Glade
The Real Savior: Paradiseby Once_Upon_A_Glade
[Completed - Sequel to The Real Savior] (Y/N) thought that she was finally safe. That the story is over and she escaped her fate, but little does she know... The story's...
Summer Paradise: A Bondi Rescue Fanfiction by TaylorHorton9
Summer Paradise: A Bondi Rescue TaylorHorton9
A 16 year old girl from Brisbane, is lucky enough to get excepted into the world's finest lifeguarding trainee program on Bondi Beach. She will have to manage school lif...
Thomesa ~ One Shots by thomesalove
Thomesa ~ One Shotsby Thomesa ♡
A bunch of Thomesa one shots (some sad, some happy) to fix our broken hearts ❤ Requests are always open!
Paradise [under construction] by kingaugusts
Paradise [under construction]by king auggie ♔
[M x M x M +; with sprinkles of mature and unedited chapters. [Polyfidelity]] After venturing too far, Luca is captured and brought to Paradise. But don't let the name f...
Blended Souls by TiffanyAuten
Blended Soulsby Tiffany Auten
Description inside.