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Alpha (Yoongi X Reader) by NotExactlySpaceBuns
Alpha (Yoongi X Reader)by NotExactlySpaceBuns
"She's always had a special connection with wolves." "Really? Why is that?" "They brought her to me." As a child you drew pictures. Animal...
Dark waters by MiaLily3636
Dark watersby Mi Mi Lils'
As the small girl walked, his eyes lay on her tiny figure; watching her every movement. Like a predator would stalk his prey. She continued to walk with her back faced t...
The Fairest (Book #1) by GoldFantasy
The Fairest (Book #1)by LeQuita C. Harrison
COMPLETED ~ ~ A prophesy was given to the Realm of Valeera, but only one kingdom took heed to it and set forth a law that would divide the people into two groups. The fa...
Seducing The Second Male Lead by Danc1ngDreams
Seducing The Second Male Leadby Ƴʋяιиα
[1st BOOK] of the 'Male Lead' series. Ariella Ignes was drawn into a novel that had a heroine with the exact same name as her. Enjoying the story, she was satisfied wit...
Fate Mate by emilyaleen
Fate Mateby Emily
Only days after her eighteenth birthday, Charlotte finally joins her pack in attending the Winter Solstice, a gathering of the four Western packs in the United States. E...
Demon mate (Billdip) by Under-the-cherrytree
Demon mate (Billdip)by Call Me Kathrine
"A bunny born into a wolf pack that's impossible!" Dipper and Mabel where both raised and born into a Werewolf pack. Both twins where born under a blood moon a...
Candlemaiden: The Stranger Shore by StormlitFain
Candlemaiden: The Stranger Shoreby Katerina
Evil spirits. A cursed prince. Death itself in disarray. Iris just wants to go home, but fate has other plans for this young priestess and her odd companions. /// ...
Max Lightwood-Bane (Malec AU) by Rexania
Max Lightwood-Bane (Malec AU)by Rexania
Magnus and Alec are happily married, they don't think that they need anything more than each other. But one eventful day, Alec finds a little baby. An orphan. They deci...
Goda's Slave (Lesbian, Dystopia, LGBT Fantasy) by pandouro
Goda's Slave (Lesbian, Dystopia, Pandouro
The daughter of a wealthy baron, Kanna Rava has enjoyed privilege far beyond that of most of her impoverished countrymen. Torn abruptly from that life by a twist of fate...
The Mortal God by AllRugbyBoy13
The Mortal Godby Leo Reyna
Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or The Heroes of Olympus. Uncle Rick does. When Percy has no longer has any reason to stay in Camp Half-Blood...
Heart Of Fire  by JBleachy
Heart Of Fire by JBleachy
Evelyn is just a hybrid. A werewolf/Phoenix hybrid to be exact. When she moves to England, she finds her mate. A powerful soon to be Alpha. They are both hesitant at fir...
My Sweet and Loving Vampire Dragon  by NaluCutiePieLover
My Sweet and Loving Vampire Dragon by NaluCutiePieLover
Natsu Dragneel the Vampire Dragon Demon Prince who doesn't care for anyone(except his family and friends). But what people don't know is that natsu is in love with a gir...
From another World, meeting you [Paused] by Avala-Moon
From another World, meeting you [ Sophie
Thrown into a world full of magic, witches, vampires and werewolves, a young woman finds herself in a world she knows all too well, because of a TV-Show she liked to wat...
Snatching You by Iconicholicluvs
Snatching Youby Iconicholicluvs
Their coming... "The player is the objective. The player is the motive. Catch the player you get the point.Whoever has more points..." "Well how many poin...
Scales by Xxpotato_loserxX
Scalesby C. J. Paradox
[boyxboy] Athazagoraphobia: (n.) the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced Noah fits the bill pretty well. Always putting up that...
The Strangest (Book #2) by GoldFantasy
The Strangest (Book #2)by LeQuita C. Harrison
COMPLETED ~~ After experiencing an excruciating death, Mageia finds out she is not just the thief with purple eyes, but she is the Fairest of Valeera. A demi-god positio...
ᴍʏꜱᴛɪᴄᴀʟ ʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍꜱ✨ | ✓ by swa_writes
ᴍʏꜱᴛɪᴄᴀʟ ʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍꜱ✨ | ✓by sane.🌼
Just Hold on Your breathe And Discover the Chase of 19 Years Old MAN HUNT . The Thriller is Here And the Only Thing to Help is "Ye Ishq ka Dariya hai ,Doob Ke Jaana...
Bangpink- the mystical life of magic  by blinkblackpink51
Bangpink- the mystical life of blinkblackpink51
"11 magical gems distributed to 11 children that they use there powers to procted thier kindom from dark magic that rises" Eleven of them they were so differe...
WICKED { #Wattys2016 } by Sensualwritings
WICKED { #Wattys2016 }by Sensualwritings
Highest ranking: #16 in Paranormal The arrival of the gorgeous Sterling brothers triggers a series of gruesome, inexplicable and magical events in the small town of Will...
I'm her mate not yours    (GXG) by WolfeO9O9
I'm her mate not yours (GXG)by Wolfe0909
It's a story about a girl named Kanji and she is a werewolf. She moves to a new school and what she doesn't know is the school has a secret. She also doesn't know that...