The Struggles of Da...
By ARDewler
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Mabel's boss dabbled in awfully questionable business for the owner of an herb store, and she never blinked when he had suspicious-looking visitors. On one particular Sunday, though, Mabel couldn't help but watch the man leaving Herman's office with a critical eye. It wasn't his impressive height, dark eyes, or shaggy hair that kept her curiosity piqued. Instead, it was the way the shadows seemed to collect around him, dancing under his feet as he walked and vanishing abruptly as soon as the door shut behind him. ***** "Do not call me 'Death,' Little One." He reached a hand down to help her up, but Mabel swatted it away, standing on her own and scowling. "Don't call me 'Little One,' Death." She fired back, crossing her arms and straightening her back to look taller. "And, besides, you're the one who told me your name was Death, so what else am I supposed to call you?" The raspy growl that rolled from his throat didn't sound anything like a chuckle, but the slight smile on his face told her otherwise. "Aleron." ****** He brings death to those deemed wicked, but sees her as an angel and vows that nothing will harm her under his watch. Highest Ranks: #1 in Littleone 8/7/2019 #1 in Mystical 8/25/20; 9/2/20; 9/11/20; 6/13/21 #1 in Mythical 9/25/20 #1 in Devil 5/16/21 #1 in Heaven 5/20/21 #4 in Paranormal 8/25/20

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The Strug...
by ARDewler