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Beautiful Thing by StarlightA51
Beautiful Thingby E. Nightly
When a recommendation from my linguistics advisor lands me an assignment with the government, I consign myself to six-weeks of dull translation work....until I'm taken t...
My Human by Yesenia1una
My Humanby Kristina Stone
Woken in a world ravaged by war, the planet is deteriorating quickly and Aeris is a lone survivor. Her one hope of survival seems to be a strange man boarding what seem...
Starborne by lilyyywrites
Starborneby lilyyywrites
When human Pilot Holly Reed crash lands in the middle of an alien jungle, it derails her entire mission. Luckily, the planet of Cynabar is much more welcoming than it se...
Carnage Rising by Jeanwinslet
Carnage Risingby Jean Winslet
They are the Angels of Carnage. They were created to destroy and rage wars across the cosmos. They were looked upon like Gods, with no comparison, as they drowned entir...
Into You | Peter Parker by bigfreeheart
Into You | Peter Parkerby bigfreeheart
What happens when you're bitten by a radioactive spider? You either use those powers for good or evil. What happens when Tony Stark offers you an internship and a whole...
Distortion ✔️ by LailaLiliana
Distortion ✔️by 𝐋𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐚
When Ariella discovers a peculiar clinic offering to replace memories, she has to decide whether she should face the reality of her abusive relationship or simply forget...
What We Become by ajwinde
What We Becomeby AJ Windebank
[BOOK TWO] Against all odds, Ben and Em have found protection in Carnelian but time has taught them something is always around the corner and they both know better than...
Dangerous love by soulpreath
Dangerous loveby soulpreath
Another school year is starting at the Salvatore boarding school for the young and gifted. Josie is with her girlfriend Penelope while Lizzie is all over her boyfriend...
Forbidden Friendships by TheKittenWhisperer
Forbidden Friendshipsby TheKittenWhisperer
When protector of the Multiverse, Ink, and destroyer of the Multiverse, Error, get tricked into taking part in a social experiment, things slowly get out of hand. When a...
Bumped into you. Hiro Hamada x Reader by datbighero6kid
Bumped into you. Hiro Hamada x datbighero6kid
You're a young 15 year old prodigy who just got into the college of your dreams. And you just started you're first day at the San-fransokyo Institute of Technology. You...
An Alien's Love by TheEdgeOfSanity
An Alien's Loveby TheEdgeOfSanity
Disclaimer... [Highest rating: #7 in Science Fiction] "Please, sir." He stared at her with glittering eyes, his fingers once again steepled. He appeared to ta...
Voltron x Reader; Preferences and Oneshots by peach-boba-blossom
Voltron x Reader; Preferences peach🌸
{Cover art; @ikumaru on Instagram} Here, you will find your: ☄︎Preferences ☄︎X Readers ☄︎Occasional Scenarios Things to know: ☫No smut/lemons here, move along (Nothing w...
How Far I've Come (Keith x Reader) by peach-boba-blossom
How Far I've Come (Keith x Reader)by peach🌸
"Keith, I promise, I'll come back." "It's not you that I don't trust." ☆·.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.¤ ☆ ¤.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.· ☆ What if, when Keith was all alone at the...
Forbidden Experiments by TheKittenWhisperer
Forbidden Experimentsby TheKittenWhisperer
From what anyone could tell, the Multiverse was at its most peaceful time from what they could remember. There was only one threat to worry about, and it was not as dest...
HMS Valediction by LLMontez
HMS Valedictionby LL Montez
[Book 2 of the ARC10 Trilogy] Rampant addictions, psychotic breakdowns, and threats of mutiny keep Commander Janika Lorn up all night. Transporting two-thousand souls sa...
Humanities Strongest Team | ErwinxErenxLevi Fanfic by animelover0864
Humanities Strongest Team | Dracula
Eren Jaeger is a boy who has seen the horrors of humanity itself, he grows an urge to annihilate every titan on earth. He goes to the underground to get stronger and by...
✴GUESS✴ // Jim Kirk [1] by CallMeDeDe404
✴GUESS✴ // Jim Kirk [1]by DeDe
"You said you "would have been" good at Xenolinguistics." "Yes." "So you're not studying it?" "Nope." "I...
Gravity (Male x Male) by InnerFyre
Gravity (Male x Male)by InnerFyre
Damon Miller has spent the last three years in a hospital facility after an accident revealed an anomaly in his blood. When a new young doctor turns up to run some addi...
lost in space | don west ✔️ by witchimreading
lost in space | don west ✔️by is on hiatus
Lena Harlow became a criminal the minute she entered space. Aboard the Resolute, she flashes forged papers and fake I.D. that identify her as an astronomer, someone whos...
Sacrifices: A Romanogers story by Cailstormind76
Sacrifices: A Romanogers storyby Cailstormind76
This is an alternate universe where Captain America was with Black Widow on Vormir and how things could have gone differently. What sacrifices will Steve and Natasha mak...