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MCR smut  by swagg_emobitch2
MCR smut by Robert Smeef
these will be probably better written than my other stuff cause i have improved on my writing so please enjoy and request! :) yes, these are all smuts but if requested i...
Pudding Fic (Frerard Smut) by thtbandgeek
Pudding Fic (Frerard Smut)by thtbandgeek
kinda like the Milk Fic but Frerard... was originally a three part smut , now a book in progress ?
Bunks... by mychemicalmuse
It's been a while! Here's a short one.
Frerard Smut Oneshots  by absoluteemotrash
Frerard Smut Oneshots by absoluteemotrash
Probably most of these Frank will top but i'll put who tops at the beggening of each one
Gee and mee (Gerard Way FanFic) by My_Chemical_Diaster
Gee and mee (Gerard Way FanFic)by My_Chemical_Diaster
This is my first Wattpad fanfic so it'll probably be horrible but here goes. Tanya goes to the University of Chicago with her BFFs, Phoenix and Caleb. She lives a normal...
Emo Trinity Oneshots by preciousgreenghoul
Emo Trinity Oneshotsby preciousgreenghoul
May be smutty, May not. Idk. But, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the things I'm definitely going to hell for.
My chemical romance smut (CURSED) by DefectiveLithium
My chemical romance smut (CURSED)by Defective_Lithium
Hello! I'm currently going through personal shit right now and have been reluctant to visit wattpad, but i finally decided to when someone on my other story requested an...
the hoodie (highschool frerard) by g0thaliens
the hoodie (highschool frerard)by g0thaliens
It was THE hoodie. You know. The one a guy gives his girlfriend. She wears it all the time. Then, when they break up, she gives it back in a huff. Repeat. Yeah. It was T...
mcr oneshots by pigeonmustdie
mcr oneshotsby pigeonmustdie
gimme requests and ill write anything! might not be the best writing cause i'm planning on trying diff styles n povs n shit. ill put trigger warnings before each chapter...
 random Band Dom/sub oneshots by LillyMill4
random Band Dom/sub oneshotsby Alex Dawn
just a bunch of oneshots fluff and smut, mostly smut ngl so warning for that and yeah, have fun my horny friends.
His Secretary (Frerard) by FwankiesWingWang
His Secretary (Frerard)by Killjoy Baby
Gerard Way is a young man who like most others, has dreams of a bright future, and his whole life ahead of him. Being treated differently most of his life for being a cr...