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You're my what?! A Gerard Way Fanfiction  by mysteriousowls
You're my what?! A Gerard Way Fanf...by local punk
COMPLETED STORY Life for Jadis was boring, living only with her mum and dog in Australia. But one fortunate day Jadis arrives home to see a surprise waiting for her; Ger...
Beautiful Unholy Pictures of Gerard Way by -MerciPourLeVenin-
Beautiful Unholy Pictures of Gerar...by EntertainMyFaith
this isn't like those annoying books where its one picture per chapter and the author puts something totally irrelevant to the picture as a caption... there's like more...
Lets Dance - Ferard by groovylady
Lets Dance - Ferardby groovealert
(90s) Gerard Way and Frank Iero run into each other constantly.
The Aftermath Is Secondary  (Killjoy Gerard Way x reader) by Gerardinflowercrowns
The Aftermath Is Secondary (Killj...by Gerardinflowercrowns
Sequel to "I'll Kiss Your Lips Again" I'm back bitches and I'm better than ever. The story isn't over yet, not even close. This book starts right after the end...
MCR Oneshots by cmell27
MCR Oneshotsby cmell27
Just random MCR oneshots by me :) Highest ranks - 5 in danger days tag (21/10/2020)
Diluted ☻ FRERARD ONE-SHOTS by thanksfrank
Diluted ☻ FRERARD ONE-SHOTSby a sad ending
A small collection of random Frerard one-shots and short stories I was too lazy to expand on. Safe from triggers unless otherwise stated.
g/a/s/o/l/i/n/e by barrenguts
g/a/s/o/l/i/n/eby cecilia 💒
california is in turmoil. the desert is a scorching, sandy death trap, littered with human civilisation and the bones of whoever it has claimed. and in the middle of it...
Killjoys Gerard x reader by ReVeNGeQueeN03
Killjoys Gerard x readerby lonely shadow
(I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS IN SEVENTH GRADE SO PLEASE BEAR WITH THIS) (Written in 2016) You are a lone killjoy who met a random guy who turns out to be a killjoy too. Is i...
The Lone Killjoy (Party Poison/Gerard Way fanfic) by Headfirst_for_Helena
The Lone Killjoy (Party Poison/Ger...by Harriet
Meet Spark killer. A killjoy who walks alone. She refuses to get close to anyone or anything, knowing that getting attached to anyone will just hurt her. She learned tha...
it seemed like a good idea at the time (sequel to cabin fever) by pretty_in_punkk
it seemed like a good idea at the...by Party dad
after that kinda rocky start, Y/K/N and Party Poison have quickly gained the reputation of acting like an old married couple. without thinkging Y/K/N agrees to a bet tha...
Cabin fever {party poison x reader} by pretty_in_punkk
Cabin fever {party poison x reader}by Party dad
Due to weather you and party poison are trapped together and alone. You can't stand each other. It's a miracle neither of you died the first day. All in all, it really i...
Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back (Party Poison X Reader) by smartlettuce
Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back...by smartlettuce
Adrenaline Revolution, also (Y/N). That's my name. This is my story, a story of love, hate, and killing dracs. So if you're bored or just want to hear a story abou...
Mcr Lyrics by TheUnicornIsAKilljoy
Mcr Lyricsby 击 Max 击
So I've seen a lot of lyrics books here on wattpad and a lot of them have inaccurate lyrics or don't have every song etc... So I decided to change that. I've looked arou...
The Kids From Yesterday ➸ Danger Days by bangingdoldrums
The Kids From Yesterday ➸ Danger D...by america's suiteheart
❝ hold on tight and don't look back ❞ Four teenagers: Jet Star, Party Poison, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul are not yet the Killjoys everyone knows. Currently, they are just...
Toxicity ~ A Party Poison Story by EllieIncredible
Toxicity ~ A Party Poison Storyby Grey
Toxic Rock, one of the most fearless Killjoys out there. Doctor D always talked about her. Some of the Killjoys even have a bounty on her - not for her death, but to get...
Makeup Lessons With Gerard (Frerard) by Memberofthe27club
Makeup Lessons With Gerard (Frerar...by BLACK LIVES MATTER
"You're doing it wrong," "What? No I'm not!" "Yes you are," "Like to see you try," "Watch, and learn," ~ Completed ~ ~...
Danger Days: Look Alive Sunshine [MCR//Fun Ghoul] by pumpkimpz
Danger Days: Look Alive Sunshine [...by zee
[Danger Days Series #1] Ace Hunter isn't your normal Killjoy. She's short tempered, violent and has rage issues. She has a deep grudge at Korse. The head of Better Livi...
Foolish Heart //Danger Days// by hometownromance
Foolish Heart //Danger Days//by Tuva
(Book #1 of the Danger Trilogy) ::COMPLETED:: "Racing shadows in the moonlight, through the desert on a hot night, and for a second there we'd won, yeah, we w...
Inseparable {fun ghoul x reader}  by pretty_in_punkk
Inseparable {fun ghoul x reader} by Party dad
You joined the fabulous killjoys after being the abandoned. You can ghoul connect instantly, becoming inseparable. Desert life is hard though and nothing can stay the sa...