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Frerard One Shots  by frerardislife653
Frerard One Shots by frerardislife653
Name gives you a clue on what it could be Some might be sad, some might be triggering and some might be kinky af
Starbucks Lovers. by GDB123
Starbucks Queen Emo
This is just a one shot I wrote in like ten minutes for my friend. Gerard meets Frank in a coffee shop and they chat for a while. Originally it was just suppose to be t...
Good Frerard, Shitty smut by 1gothking1
Good Frerard, Shitty smutby Sienna
I don't own any of these I've just had them sent to me by friends and people off Ao3 :) AND ALSO NO WAYCEST OR BAYCEST IF YOU SHIP EITHER OF THOSE YOU SHOULD GENUINELY G...
Frerard Smut by emobutinagerardway
Frerard Smutby loser
Smut I come up with out of nowhere.
Frerard one shots 2 by _leathermouth_
Frerard one shots 2by Frank’s bellybutton
Basically my other book had too much one way too much. So here's this one! Most of them are gonna be smut
Frerard Oneshots by Beebo_Urie
Frerard Oneshotsby Beebo_Urie
A collection of Frerard oneshots! Mostly fluff, just a bunch of random AU stories. I hope you like them because most of these are written during times of procrastination...
frerard one-shots by rlndere
frerard one-shotsby rina🌙
『"bloody surprise like cherry pie, will you be mine?"』 | in which i dump all of my messy 3am ideas into this book. ©rlndere 2020 all rights reserved. frerard o...
~ O N E S H O T S ~ (frerard) by angel_vxmit_
~ O N E S H O T S ~ (frerard)by IM BURNING !
frerard one-shots ;) Bottom! Frank.
Frerard Oneshots by stressedkilljoy
Frerard Oneshotsby 🤍 EDEN 🤍
(Any chapters with an * are smut) Just some Frerard oneshots that I thought of randomly. I take requests if you think I'm actually good enough to write yours.
☆ Frerard One shots ☆ [REQUESTS OPEN] by shakinglikemilk
☆ Frerard One shots ☆ [REQUESTS blu!
{SLOW UPDATES} I'm always taking requests because I have no ideas whatsoever
Frerard Fanfics to Read by gerardspotato
Frerard Fanfics to Readby gerardspotato
Ran out of frerards to read? All your best recommendations, right here
Ferard Oneshots by xemoballerinax
Ferard Oneshotsby 《Draco is mine》
Ferard smut and fluff oneshots
Frerard Oneshots by tylermustdie07
Frerard Oneshotsby What is my account?
Bottom!Frank Top!Gerard I'm using this book as a way to improve my writing without committing to a whole ass book. I take suggestions. But I'm not writing bottom Gerard...
Commitment Issues | Oneshot Collection by stoplightglow
Commitment Issues | Oneshot kelso
Miscellaneous oneshots. Mostly Frerard. Bet that's a shocker.
As Real as the Grave | Frerard Oneshot by stoplightglow
As Real as the Grave | Frerard kelso
Yes, Gerard does have fake fangs in. And damn, Frank thought he bought good fangs, but Gerard is totally giving him a run for his money. He can't even tell where Gerard'...
Frerard OneShots (slow updates for now) by literally_lee
Frerard OneShots (slow updates literally_lee
Some oneshots people might enjoy. You'll find anything but mostly fluff in here :) Requests are open! !currently (december 2020) on hold/on hiatus/slow updates cuz i'm s...
frerard oneshots by im_so_retro
frerard oneshotsby gee
random book of frerard oneshots ranging from mental illnesses to vampires no smut bc im a pussy, but there's tons of fluff & murder