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The Fifth Member by imcdna
The Fifth Memberby imcdna
Four fourth-year music students at UCLA decide to audition for the Sing-Off. However, they decide that they should have a tenor or a similar male with a high voice. What...
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi) by LittleCarokind
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi)by Caro
Mitch has trouble sleeping when he's in a foreign bed. But there's this one person that helps him through the night. Each night.
Ada Masali - One shots by mocali
Ada Masali - One shotsby mocali
One shots taking place after bölüm 7 and following episodes. I try to fill in the part where I feel something's missing and when I really wonder what is going on on the...
Miss Adkins : The Unmarried Mother by velaskinswife
Miss Adkins : The Unmarried Motherby 𝔢𝔢𝔫
Sequel to Mrs. Konecki : The Battered Wife
Love You A Long Time | Mavi by LittleCarokind
Love You A Long Time | Maviby Caro
Sequel to "Can't Sleep...Love". Mitch and Avi have had a crazy journey discovering their feelings and solidifying their relationship. How will their journ...
True Love by Coralie56
True Loveby Coralie56
Avi was in his music room, absently chiming out a few notes on his guitar. His thoughts were wandering in a rather sad way... How will he be able to go on like this? Tha...
Perfect Hiders by ptx_teas
Perfect Hidersby shalyne
Mitch Grassi and Avi Kaplan are in a relationship. They can't tell anyone and no one can find out, but don't worry - they've become the perfect hiders. (picture isn't mi...
Distant by sunflowerdaze-
Distantby inactive
finished collab// Trigger Warnings// Rape and Physical Abuse Inspired by the one-shot "I'll Wait For You" by @AltoPentaholic Also a collab with: @AltoPentaho...
Adopted by Mitch Grassi by evilblood16
Adopted by Mitch Grassiby Toxic_Blood
Adam has lived in a orphanage his whole life well since he was four but still he basically grew up there. Moving from family to family, house to house he hoped one day h...
Split. by FranticWhale
#10 teehee
Loosely based off of a movie with the same title.
Triphilia - all good things come in threes | Scomavi by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - all good things come Caro
|tri| - three (greek) |philia| - love, affection (greek) When Avi moves in with Scott and Mitch, they all just hope to be good roomies and are rooting to make the most o...
Me X Avi ❤️ by Moxlikesbananas
Me X Avi ❤️by ✨Moxy woxy💅🏻✨
Info: She's so hot 🥵 Romantic ships: Me x Avi Platonic ships: me X Poop me x MPM Genre: Romance TW: nothing I guess ________________________________________ Edit: than...
Unsteady (Mavi AU) by Lizagosto
Unsteady (Mavi AU)by Lizagosto
After leaving an abusive relationship, Mitch is left with no place to go. When a kind stranger offers his home and hospitality to him, Mitch finds himself drawn to his w...
Lean on Me - Mavi (COMPLETED) by lostroses
Lean on Me - Mavi (COMPLETED)by lostroses
Mitch: "I can be mean though." Avi: "That's okay, I'll take care of you." Sailing under the radar while we obsessed over Scömìche, this is the ship t...
Look Closer | Mavi | Dreamingletters & LittleCarokind by LittleCarokind
Look Closer | Mavi | Caro
Love is hard to find. That is true, especially if you're singing in a sucessful, Grammy-winning acapella group. But sometimes the love you're so desperately searching...
What If? by PurpleTurtle31
What If?by Kay
Pentatonix One-Shots! I will take request. Any ship or personalized story, I will write. Any setting or plot line, even if you don't know which characters you want! Comm...
Cracked|Mavi AU| by phanandmavi
Cracked|Mavi AU|by phanandmavi
He left me, bloody and bruised. I saw my clothes across the room and slowly stood up, trying to retrieve them. Once my clothes were safely in my hands, I quickly pulled...
The Things that Live Within by FranticWhale
The Things that Live Withinby teehee
We never really know what demons lay within
Headphones (A Mavi Fanfic) by Jay_isnotokay
Headphones (A Mavi Fanfic)by I’m in all fandoms
Avi has a traumatic experience and Mitch is the only one who can save him from the man. Liam. Tw: mentioned rape and suicide attempts
Five Days | Mavi by LittleCarokind
Five Days | Maviby Caro
"Tell me how could our forever only last 1-2-3-4- five days once in a lifetime five nights too good to be true the universe is passin' by but I can't forget ou...