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Triphilia - all good things come in threes | Scomavi by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - all good things come Caro
|tri| - three (greek) |philia| - love, affection (greek) When Avi moves in with Scott and Mitch, they all just hope to be good roomies and are rooting to make the most o...
The Assistant | Scavi by LittleCarokind
The Assistant | Scaviby Caro
Scott Hoying, 24 years old, needs only one internship to finish his studies. His dream internship would be with Beyoncé or any other big name, but he finds himself worki...
Triphilia - stray together, stay together | Book 2 | Scomavi by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - stray together, stay Caro
Book two of the Triphilia trilogy. After finally deciding to try being together, Scott, Avi and Mitch are going strong and yet faced with new challenges. How will the t...
Whump & Comfort | Scomavi Oneshots by LittleCarokind
Whump & Comfort | Scomavi Oneshotsby Caro
A series of fresh one-shots featuring our favourite Throuple mainly about whump and comfort. Enjoy!
Friends are the family you choose for yourself by Galfort
Friends are the family you Galfort
Scott had tried out for lots of talent shows before and it never end up well, but The Sing-Off was different, he could feel it. He had to try, they had to.
Pentatonix One-shots by avm2103
Pentatonix One-shotsby avm2103
One-shots about Pentatonix and all it's various members.
Roses and Sunflowers | Scavi by LittleCarokind
Roses and Sunflowers | Scaviby Caro
coming soon TW: toxic relationship
You Are The Reason by LB0917
You Are The Reasonby Lo
Three years after Avi's departure, Scott is more determined than ever to find out his real reason for leaving.
PTX R Rated  (One Shots) by JeskyaaLee
PTX R Rated (One Shots)by JeskyaaLee
PTX (possibly R Rated) One Shots Ships: Mirstie Scirstie Kavi Scomiche Scavi Mavi Kirstevin Kesther
PTX Texts by starrygrassi-hoying
PTX Textsby "The Kids"
Contains conversations with Pentatonix, may include family and friends! RANDOMLY UPDATED Accepting requests!
×Pentatonix | Ship One Shots× by damnnowishipit
×Pentatonix | Ship One Shots×by loner af
If you want a one shot to a ship from Pentatonix, write a comment! Keep commenting! Also you can comment what should happen, better saying the plot. Hope you have fun re...
The tenor.. by scomitchy
The scomitchy
Everything is going well for Pentatonix, Scott, Kirstie, Kevin and Avi all get on fine and love making music. But EVERYTHING changes when the label says they need a teno...
Home by brokendaydreams
Homeby brokendaydreams
Home isn't a house, or the city you live in or where you grew up. Home is the memories that make your heart skip a beat, and the feeling that you get when you know this...
Triphilia - together forever | one-shots by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - together forever | Caro
Saying goodbye is hard. And I just couldn't bear it. These one-shots will be random moments from the life of our beloved triad. Updates will come whenever I feel like it...
Pentatonix One~Shots by jinxy-Lego-house
Pentatonix One~Shotsby ✌Boop Boop✌
Scavi Scömìche MAVI AVIN Mevin
What If? by PurpleTurtle31
What If?by Kay
Pentatonix One-Shots! I will take request. Any ship or personalized story, I will write. Any setting or plot line, even if you don't know which characters you want! Comm...
revenge [s.h+a.k] by ptxtrashcan
revenge [s.h+a.k]by dead!
"Well who is he?" "Avriel Kaplan" ! scavi au
Ptx oneshots by dmtwaimz
Ptx oneshotsby Safari
Here's a book of oneshots for all your favorite ships from ya fav band pentatonix Ships include: Mirstie Scirstie Kavi Kesther Mavi Scomiche Scavi Meat and potatoes...