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Messer (scomiche) one shots by SHxMG_feels
Messer (scomiche) one shotsby SH×MG
One shots inspired by Messer (Mitch Grassi's solo project) song titles. I am not writing these stories based on the lyrics of each song, I'm only looking at the title a...
Quiet & Riot (Scomiche) by QueenTellTales
Quiet & Riot (Scomiche)by [QueenTellTales]
They say opposites attract, so what happens when innocent, introverted and homeschooled Mitch Grassi, who dreams of being in show choir, clashes with Martin High's popul...
the book of fluff (that usually isn't) by horsedancer123
the book of fluff (that usually ansley
one-shots are cool because they're like books without the commitment so if you have commitment issues with books like me then this is the read for you. the most recent o...
Scent (Scomiche) by luckyenough19
Scent (Scomiche)by ✌
Scott owns a bakery. Mitch is a loyal customer. Scott is happily married, and Mitch can't change that. But fate can.
Home by LB0917
Homeby Lo
A new opportunity couldn't come at a better time for Pentatonix. The reunion tour of One Direction might be the only thing that can hold a heartbroken Scott together...
Military Girl by FangirlAlerta
Military Girlby KIWI
Cassi Lunkorc. A fifteen year old Soldier attending an army based institution, in charge of helping to keep a check on a group of cadets. But what would happen when she...
The Rejects Club by Jester2Lester
The Rejects Clubby Arwen
Five kids - definitely not destined for greatness. One teacher - out to single-handedly prove that theory wrong. For Avi, Kirstie, Mitch, Kevin and Scott, life is far fr...
Scomiche Oneshots by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshotsby 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
A cute collection of Scomiche stories :) This is book 1! Read this one first to understand book 2! Scott and Mitch are happily married! They have three handsome sons...
Worried: A Scomiche Short Story by A_Thinking_Woman
Worried: A Scomiche Short Storyby A_Thinking_Woman
Mitch just sometimes has "bad days". The stress gets to be too much, the exhaustion catches up with him, and the anxiety just sets in. On these days, Scott is...
Grab a bowl of popcorn, because it's a roller coaster of scomiche fluffy+angsty oneshots! I hope you've enjoyed your read. Please don't be afraid to comment or leave pro...
Just A Dare (Scömìche) by PentatonixAtTheDragZ
Just A Dare (Scömìche)by 💖 Gay Trash™ 💖
Highest rank is #614 in romance! Scott Hoying is a hot popular. Mitch Grassi is a weird nerd. What could happen when Scott's best friend dares him to date the before men...
Stare. (Scömìche) | *BOOK 1* | First Book in the 'Stare' Series | *COMPLETED* by ScomicheForevs
Stare. (Scömìche) | *BOOK 1* | That_Emo_Fangirl
Scott is straight. Scott hates gays. Scott loves his girlfriend. However what Scott doesn't know... He loves to stare at the little brunette in the coffee shop... The ma...
Just for Show by LB0917
Just for Showby Lo
Mitch needs a date to a wedding, or his whole family will never leave him alone. Kirstin thinks that hiring an escort may be the perfect solution. But what if this man i...
Scomiche Oneshots 3  by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshots 3 by 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
The third book of the Grassi-Hoying family oneshots! Check out book one and book two to catch up! Scott and Mitch Grassi-Hoying are a happily married gay couple. They lo...
Slow and Easy by TracySchuley
Slow and Easyby Tracy Schuley
**Sequel to Rush It's been over a year since Mitch was kidnapped. Mitch and Scott are desperately trying to move on when someone else enters their lives. Is Mitch's lif...
Scatterbrained. - (Scomiche) One-shots & Mini Stories by feminenemy22
Scatterbrained. - (Scomiche) Lauren
Collection of my random ideas and short stories
It's Been a Long, Long Time by LB0917
It's Been a Long, Long Timeby Lo
Right after Mitch's fortieth birthday, a tragic event leads him back into the lives of the band he left behind nearly a decade ago, whether he likes it or not. Eventual...
Surprises by Scomichebb_18
Surprisesby Mxssxr.bby
Now that Scott and Mitch has had their beautiful and bouncing baby girl, Harmony, what adventures could they possibly go on as a big happy family? and will Lovely couple...
An Unbreakable Bond by AltoPentaholic
An Unbreakable Bondby maddie
After their parents died, Scott had to take care of his younger siblings. Kirstie is a rebel who refuses to listen Scott and sneaks out every night while Mitch is deaf...