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Daddy? || s.h by -anxieteh
Daddy? || s.hby kitten
"just call me daddy little one." #12 in action 1/12/18 #1in Stockholmsyndrome 7/15/18
Scomiche - Secret Diary of a Fangirl by feminenemy22
Scomiche - Secret Diary of a Lauren
Mitch was a fan way before he got the job. Can he balance friendship with fandom? Can he remain professional without revealing his inner fangirl? Is that even possible?
The Pentelements by Josalen144
The Pentelementsby Josalen144
Kirstie can see into the future Avi can see the past Mitch is a charmer Kevin is the brain Scott is the brawn Together they are the Pentelements, and they do what they c...
The Regected Singer  by PTXAlexisGrassi
The Regected Singer by Alexis🍓🥀
Mitch is the most famous Omega singer out there. He has yet to find his mate but is ready for the day that they will arrive in his life. Scott is and Alpha from a very s...
Kavi One Shots by ashlxy-
Kavi One Shotsby ashley🤍💀🖤
one shots of that ship with abi and kristy from the pentatonci [involves mentions of scömìche] [LOTS of one shots are SAD and are INSPIRED by songs] started:: september...
Anything Goes (Scomiche) by Sreed09
Anything Goes (Scomiche)by Sreed09
Just some One Shots updated randomly, whenever I get the inspiration.
Soft Boy - Scomiche (COMPLETED) by sugafairies
Soft Boy - Scomiche (COMPLETED)by ♡
"I just don't wanna scare him off."
MIRSTIE - ONE SHOTS by draghaasis
ps: the latest the chapter, the less shittier it is
Just A Dare (Scömìche) by PentatonixAtTheDragZ
Just A Dare (Scömìche)by 💖 Gay Trash™ 💖
Highest rank is #614 in romance! Scott Hoying is a hot popular. Mitch Grassi is a weird nerd. What could happen when Scott's best friend dares him to date the before men...
Scomiche One Shots  by acappetals
Scomiche One Shots by 🌸 🌼 🌸
Just some random ideas that pop into my weird mind :)
Scent (Scomiche) by luckyenough19
Scent (Scomiche)by ✌
Scott owns a bakery. Mitch is a loyal customer. Scott is happily married, and Mitch can't change that. But fate can.
Worried: A Scomiche Short Story by A_Thinking_Woman
Worried: A Scomiche Short Storyby A_Thinking_Woman
Mitch just sometimes has "bad days". The stress gets to be too much, the exhaustion catches up with him, and the anxiety just sets in. On these days, Scott is...
scomiche Smut And Fluff by mxfluffypanda95
scomiche Smut And Fluffby Quing 👑
Smut and some fluff but mostly smut so yup
Letterman (Scomiche) by scoootieboi
Letterman (Scomiche)by scoootieboi
Interlaced but non-chronological oneshots and drabbles. High school AU in which I'm obsessed with Mitch having Scott's letterman jacket.
Adopted by Pentatonix (#Power10) by Girlwithdreams2503
Adopted by Pentatonix (#Power10)by tumble
Skylar had lived in the orphanage for basically her whole life and she never thought that she would be adopted. Until one day, someone came in and they instantly had a c...
Detention (Scömìche) by ptxval24
Detention (Scömìche)by Val
What happens when Mitch gets into detention with his all time crush Scott Hoying? A Scömìche fanfiction.
Hanging By a Thread | Scömìche MPreg COMPLETED by rileyasf
Hanging By a Thread | Scömìche riley
"It's hard enough to take care of a child alone, but to know that you're out there and could help me is leaving me hanging on a thread." //////// WARNING:: con...
A Crazy New Life(A Scott Hoying Fanfic) by breanna_is_awkward
A Crazy New Life(A Scott Hoying Breanna Hoying
When Breanna runs into the famous Scott Hoying her life is flipped upside down. She becomes best friends with the amazing band which changes her life forever!
Pentatonix: Was I Mistaken? by TreeHugger1312
Pentatonix: Was I Mistaken?by Kierron Diaz-Campbell
When a girl turns up on Avi's doorstep in the middle of a storm, it becomes clear that the lives of Pentatonix are about to take a rather drastic turn. And when a connec...
Mishy (Scomiche) by scoootieboi
Mishy (Scomiche)by scoootieboi
Scott loves his little girl, Bailey, but being a successful manager for a major music label calls for a lot of hours at work. He hires a nanny, Mitch, who is perfect for...