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The Pentelements by Josalen144
The Pentelementsby Josalen144
Kirstie can see into the future Avi can see the past Mitch is a charmer Kevin is the brain Scott is the brawn Together they are the Pentelements, and they do what they c...
The Fight To Be Me by Emmypaige9147
The Fight To Be Meby Emmy Paige
Mitch has had Cerebral Palsy his whole life, it gives him daily challenges. Scott has known Mitch since they were in high school, and has always stuck by his side on the...
The Big Bully  by ptxem611
The Big Bully by ptxem611
Mitch Grassi: A 17 year old boy who gets bullied daily. He has One friend, Kirstin Maldonado. She's the only one who sticks up for him. Mitch gets bullied to the point w...
True Love by Coralie56
True Loveby Coralie56
Avi was in his music room, absently chiming out a few notes on his guitar. His thoughts were wandering in a rather sad way... How will he be able to go on like this? Tha...
The Alpha And The Omega by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omegaby Mama Alpha
Completed :) -BUT- There is a second book... And a third... And um... A fourth xD
Push. by LB0917
#6 Lo
(Part III of Unwell Series). Mitch is having difficulty separating real from fake.
The Butterfly (boyxboy, Gray/asexual) -Complete- by SammyDAdams
The Butterfly (boyxboy, Gray/ ~D~
** Being edited ** Noah is a swimmer on the USA Swimming National team with his eyes on the Olympics, but even he may not be able to keep up with Mitch.
Bad Baby Boy by Scomichebb_18
Bad Baby Boyby Mxssxr.bby
He's everyones crush, guy or girl. He is also gay, and one of the only few in the whole school. Girls either want to get him into their mini skirts, or be his best frien...
Black And White by Superfruit_IsLife
Black And Whiteby Mama Alpha
"Their love as black and white as piano keys and permanent ink." -@ElusiveWyatt- -@toepeechufter- --Tysm @Kirstin_Fanacc for the cover ❤--
The Teacher by Tony_Perry_Is_My_Bae
The Teacherby Calum Thomas Hood
"Hello students my name is Mr.Hoying and I'll be your teacher for the rest of the year"
Scomiche - Secret Diary of a Fangirl by feminenemy22
Scomiche - Secret Diary of a Lauren
Mitch was a fan way before he got the job. Can he balance friendship with fandom? Can he remain professional without revealing his inner fangirl? Is that even possible?
The Alpha And The Omega 2 by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omega 2by Mama Alpha
Book 2 in the series!! It would be silly to read this one before the first one, so don't be silly.
Famous (Scömìche) by rosegoldgrassi
Famous (Scömìche)by rosegoldgrassi
Mitch Grassi just started working at RCA Records when gets one of the weirdest job offers he could imagine. In a normal situation, he would laugh at how ridiculous every...
Hi. My name is Scott by Tomboylovesmusic
Hi. My name is Scottby Tomboylovesmusic
Inspired by 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Tomboy' Scott Hoying is in the 11th grade. He has always been known as female in school, but no more. When he arrives at a new school...
scomiche; arranged marriage (omegaverse) by hoyingxo
scomiche; arranged marriage ( hoyingxo
Mitch is an Omega who likes to fight for Omegas rights but his world comes crashing down when his parents force him to marry non other than Scott Hoying, an Alpha who ha...
Dollhouse (Scomiche) - Completed by sugafairies
Dollhouse (Scomiche) - Completedby ♡
In which a seemingly normal psychologist is actually a mentally unstable psychopath who's sickly obsessed with dolls.
Scomiche One Shots by Sup3rfruitandptx4evr
Scomiche One Shotsby Sup3rfruitandptx4evr
Scomiche one shots based on scomiche pics...ur welcome. Let me know if you have a specific scomiche pic that you want something written on
Standing By by MusicAgain57
Standing Byby Amy Burrow
Home Free/ Pentatonix fanfic Ten people, ten personalities, two groups, two different styles. They start out rocky but become fast friends. Friendships are tested but...
Incurable by Superfruit_IsLife
Incurableby Mama Alpha
"You're here because you can't sleep. Or won't let yourself eat. Maybe voices speak to you sometimes. Maybe... You don't know what's wrong. Whatever the reason, wha...