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Katt One Shots ❤️ *DISCONTINUED* by Pentaholic_Mixer
Katt One Shots ❤️ *DISCONTINUED*by Pentaholic_Mixer
I see a lot of people who have started shipping Kirstin and Matt. So I have decided to make a book just for them since I don't see any and I ship them as well. Some fluf...
Daddy? || s.h by -anxieteh
Daddy? || s.hby kitten
"just call me daddy little one." #12 in action 1/12/18 #1in Stockholmsyndrome 7/15/18
ANIMALS [Mitch Grassi fanfiction]  by Rose-Raven
ANIMALS [Mitch Grassi fanfiction] by Rose-Raven
Mitch has a stalker. Why don't they believe him? *** "Maybe you think that you can hide I can smell your scent for miles Just like animals" /Maroon5 - Animals...
Scömìche Oneshots by caspyblue
Scömìche Oneshotsby caspyblue
So, this will probably be bad, but let's have a go! These are coming from my imagination, so they might get a little wierd, but just so you know, there will be ZILTCH s...
Mistaken Love by scirstie_addict
Mistaken Loveby r.s.
When the Mezzo-Soprano is left shattered and broken by her fellow band mate and ex-boyfriend, another band mate of hers comes to her aid and tries to mend her back. But...
Forever Friends? by PentaFry4Life
Forever Friends?by Emma
Both acapella groups won the sing-off and are taking acapella to a whole new level. But when they cross paths for the first time, will they clash heads or become forever...
PTX Sickfics by Rowseal
PTX Sickficsby Row
PTX Sickfic chapters of all members, current and former! Feel free to send in a request.
A Dribble of Drabbles by FreyaOdin
A Dribble of Drabblesby Freya
An eventual 120 Pentatonix drabbles based on a list of writing prompts
The Seeds We Sow by Raven5555
The Seeds We Sowby Raven
Actively updating!!! The story of the lives of an eighteen member pack all living under one roof. What could go wrong?
Scirstie One-Shots by scirstie_addict
Scirstie One-Shotsby r.s.
A couple of short (but some lengthy) stories about a tall blonde guy with blue eyes, a beautiful young woman and their friends <3 [may be really cringey at first but...
Pyramids by VivaLaRuca
Pyramidsby Viva La Ruca
Scott makes the mistake of falling in love with a stripper. Is his love enough to save the stripper known as Rumi?
The Promise by VivaLaRuca
The Promiseby Viva La Ruca
Mitch and Scott haven't spoke in 6 years. Broken hearts and unspoken words darken a once tight friendship. When tragedy strikes, Scott's forced to set aside hurt feeling...
Faith(less) by AviAvrielKaplan
Faith(less)by Bass
"Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Not necessarily in that order." - Jean-Luc Godard Sometimes you think your story has...
Protected  by Raven5555
Protected by Raven
Actively updating! Just a story of love, life, and fluff, with ultimate #siblinggoals
Broken- A PTX story by a_random_pentaholic
Broken- A PTX storyby A random Pentaholic
A terrible fight between Mitch and Kirstie leads to Scott attempting to take his own life. Can Kirstie and Mitch talk their best friend off the edge? Or is it too late...
Special (completed) by simplyemmett
Special (completed)by e!!!
Mitch is transgender (ftm) and he gets the chance to meet his favourite band, Quadritonix. And he has a not so little thing for Scott, one of the band members. [Highest...
You're Worth The Risk by BringBackScomiche
You're Worth The Riskby ScömìcheBeliever
Scott and Mitch has been friends since college, they're currently teaching in the same school and some students can sense some vibe between them and has came to an assum...
We'll Be There by kiiitykat
Follows on and links two of my posts from May, Myself & I Will the band support Kirstie through the biggest change in her life?
The Loser Of The Year by thieteenquartz
The Loser Of The Yearby Claratifficus Ulthadorphus
What happens when a clumsy teen, a nerdy kid, a gay quarterback, a tough motorcycle rider and a cheerleader all meet? Matt has big plans to ace this school year. Kevin...
Abilities- Pentatonix by Angelicpoetry
Abilities- Pentatonixby Angelicpoetry
a·bil·i·ty- (əˈbilədē) possession of the means or skill to do something. (trust trəst) firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or somethin...