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PTX Alpha And Omega by pentatonix_takeover
PTX Alpha And Omegaby pentatonix_takeover
2 Alphas 2 Omegas 1 beta
Mirror by ScomitcheGirl
Mirrorby ScomicheGirl
Scott and Mitch, an alpha and an omega forced to be wed. Mitch relies on his mirror for comfort. Why can't he let Scott in? "Please let me be your Mirror Mitch!&quo...
Practically Strangers by maldolusola_starkid
Practically Strangersby m A l l O r Y
What will happen when five strangers meet online, not knowing the luck they have just stumbled upon? "We pull away from each other and see that we're not crying. We...
Attention  by Tony_Perry_Is_My_Bae
Attention by Calum Thomas Hood
"You're only looking for attention" I say beginning to choke up "you only notice me when I'm not around" he stares for a while not answering and in t...
Superheroes...Or Not  by maya_papaya328
Superheroes...Or Not by MAYA-MANGO 🥭
Everyone makes mistakes, even Gabriel when he gave a certain someone powers! Now that person is out for revenge against the group! Will they all come together and stop...
Sweet Adeline ✔ by sunsetcrve
Sweet Adeline ✔by 𝐌𝐄𝐋 🪐
everything in her life was going great until she got pregnant with his child. [ kirstie and avi ] [ daughter ]
The Seeds We Sow by Raven5555
The Seeds We Sowby Raven
Actively updating!!! The story of the lives of an eighteen member pack all living under one roof. What could go wrong?
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Pentacademy by Raven5555
Pentacademyby Raven
Five very different pupils have one thing in common. They are lonely. When their Headteacher buddies them up for the year, how will they cope?
Broken- A PTX story by a_random_pentaholic
Broken- A PTX storyby A random Pentaholic
A terrible fight between Mitch and Kirstie leads to Scott attempting to take his own life. Can Kirstie and Mitch talk their best friend off the edge? Or is it too late...
Protected  by Raven5555
Protected by Raven
Actively updating! Just a story of love, life, and fluff, with ultimate #siblinggoals
Sleepless Storm - (Scott and Mitch fanfiction) by CathyCati
Sleepless Storm - (Scott and CathyCati
When an insomniac Scott moves in with an exciting,mysterious singer he begins spending his days befriending him and his white nights falling in love with him.Will he tak...
Saving Him...Or Not by maya_papaya328
Saving Him...Or Notby MAYA-MANGO 🥭
2 years later, Maya travels back into 2017 to save Mitch from a certain someone he bumped into. Can Maya save Mitch before it's too late? Stay tuned... ✨ - Changing the...
Hospital  by pentatonix_takeover
Hospital by pentatonix_takeover
Arlington hospital is a place for kids who have mental illnesses that are really severe cases and need more help then an occasional therapy. They are also other kids her...
Adopted By Kirstin Taylor Maldonado by Savannahlynndavis
Adopted By Kirstin Taylor Maldonadoby Savannahlynndavis
tw// this book includes mentions of: •Eating Disorders •passing out •ED voices Running as fast as she can, Paris suddenly falls faint in gym class and has to deal with...
Alpha omega  by scomiche-is-real
Alpha omega by scomiche-is-real
An abused Omega pair known as Mirstie is captured and after a year they are returned to the street. Then they are found by Scott an Alpha. Will Scott save them? Will the...
Miraculous Pentatonix (Scömìche fanfic) by maya_papaya328
Miraculous Pentatonix (Scömìche MAYA-MANGO 🥭
Basically Miraculous Ladybug but with Pentatonix. This is gonna be a fun book for all my Miraculous fans. BUTTTTTTTT... The ending is gonna be my way of how Miraculous s...
*Untitled* PENTATONIX fanfic (An Avi love story?) by NicolePTX
*Untitled* PENTATONIX fanfic (An NicolePTX
Two best friends; Nicole and Brie, couldn't get tickets to a Pentatonix concert but happen to win meet and greet tickets to a radio station event. What happens when the...
Online love by Raven5555
Online loveby Raven
Pentatonix AU. Kirstie and Avi are paired up online and get to talking. Kirstie develops feelings for Avi but isn't sure if he'll ever feel the same way. After all, they...
A Greater Power by Raven5555
A Greater Powerby Raven
Co written with @wisegirlchase
DOSE OF YOU (Under REVISION) by Kristinindo
DOSE OF YOU (Under REVISION)by Kristinindo
"He is gay; he loves his boy. She is engaged; she loves her boy. They are best friends. He breaks up with his boy. She is left. They realize what they feel is more...