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True Love by Coralie56
True Loveby Coralie56
Avi was in his music room, absently chiming out a few notes on his guitar. His thoughts were wandering in a rather sad way... How will he be able to go on like this? Tha...
Kavi by Ptxbabe678
Kaviby Megan Kaplan
Jeremy cheats on Kirstie and she has no choice but to leave him. AVI-ously. Straight forward kavi fanfic, hope you enjoy!
Unexpectedly Expecting (Scömíche Mpreg) by Scomichebb_18
Unexpectedly Expecting (Scömíche Mxssxr.bby
In the future, Men's body started to change internally and have been able to get pregnant. it's been a mind blowing discovery worldwide, but it's still very rare compare...
PTX R Rated  (One Shots) by JeskyaaLee
PTX R Rated (One Shots)by JeskyaaLee
PTX (possibly R Rated) One Shots Ships: Mirstie Scirstie Kavi Scomiche Scavi Mavi Kirstevin Kesther
The Future by Queen_Grace18
The Futureby Emily Grace
From a hairdresser one day to a TV show makeup/hair director the next, Mitchell Grassi's life just got turned upside down. And add a really hot actor into the mix, well...
Last Chance to Win (Mirstie) by yeetboyardee
Last Chance to Win (Mirstie)by Chef Boy
When Kirstin signed up at the National Vocal Teen Championships, she didn't sign up for the truckload of drama, angst, and stress that came with it. An irritating contes...
The Alpha And The Omega by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omegaby Mama Alpha
Completed :) -BUT- There is a second book... And a third... And um... A fourth xD
Rewound {PTX} by czmmmm
Rewound {PTX}by Caesium
I'm in the wrong bed. I guess that means I'm on tour. I could have sworn tour ended a week ago, but I'm too tired to figure that out right now. I clutch my vaguely famil...
the book of fluff (that usually isn't) by horsedancer123
the book of fluff (that usually ansley
one-shots are cool because they're like books without the commitment so if you have commitment issues with books like me then this is the read for you. the most recent o...
Grab a bowl of popcorn, because it's a roller coaster of scomiche fluffy+angsty oneshots! I hope you've enjoyed your read. Please don't be afraid to comment or leave pro...
Romance in Rome by SHxMG_feels
Romance in Romeby SH×MG
Scott is a travelling agent for a wine company. Right before Christmas he gets a job that requires him to travel to Italy....that's where he meets a cute Italian boy nam...
Stare. (Scömìche) | *BOOK 1* | First Book in the 'Stare' Series | *COMPLETED* by ScomicheForevs
Stare. (Scömìche) | *BOOK 1* | That_Emo_Fangirl
Scott is straight. Scott hates gays. Scott loves his girlfriend. However what Scott doesn't know... He loves to stare at the little brunette in the coffee shop... The ma...
Military Girl by FangirlAlerta
Military Girlby KIWI
Cassi Lunkorc. A fifteen year old Soldier attending an army based institution, in charge of helping to keep a check on a group of cadets. But what would happen when she...
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Broken Love (Scömìche AU) [boyxboy] by olimpiaa
Broken Love (Scömìche AU) [boyxboy]by Mrs. Kim
Scott's whole life is changed in the space of two hours. He's at a conference while his fiancé is pregnant and out visiting a friend. Samantha ends up in hospital. Prema...
Scomiche Oneshots by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshotsby 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
A cute collection of Scomiche stories :) This is book 1! Read this one first to understand book 2! Scott and Mitch are happily married! They have three handsome sons...
Teach Me by lovebeingqueen
Teach Meby lovebeingqueen
If Pentatonix were teachers in a high school. Mitch and Avi hate each other. They are both in charge of rival departments and don't agree on anything. What will happen...
A World Apart (Scomiche) by Scomiche_1899
A World Apart (Scomiche)by Scomiche_1899
There's more than meets the eye. Scott and Mitch seem perfect, happy even. But they both have a secret. And one of them is deadly. Can Scott win Mitch's heart, or will h...
Serendipity (A Scömìche fanfic) by Superfruitonix
Serendipity (A Scömìche fanfic)by Superfruitonix
Scott and Mitch have been friends since they were young, but that's all about to change.. - After Mitch cut off a toxic relationship he formed some major confidence issu...
Surprises by Scomichebb_18
Surprisesby Mxssxr.bby
Now that Scott and Mitch has had their beautiful and bouncing baby girl, Harmony, what adventures could they possibly go on as a big happy family? and will Lovely couple...