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Lovely Girl... by PanicAtThePTX
Lovely Girl...by PanicAtThePTX
What happens if Kirstie and Avi are alone for 2 weeks? This will be updated every Wednesday and Friday. WARNING: This will contain smut. I will warn you guys with "...
Family: Always There For You 2 by kahaani191
Family: Always There For You 2by kahaani191
Second season of my story " Family: Always there for you"
Arnav and khushi were happily married. After two years they were blessed with a baby boy. But after four years arnav life filled with emptiness. what happened that arn...
The Pentelements by Josalen144
The Pentelementsby Josalen144
Kirstie can see into the future Avi can see the past Mitch is a charmer Kevin is the brain Scott is the brawn Together they are the Pentelements, and they do what they c...
Adopted by Pentatonix (#Power10) by Girlwithdreams2503
Adopted by Pentatonix (#Power10)by jazz ♡
Skylar had lived in the orphanage for basically her whole life and she never thought that she would be adopted. Until one day, someone came in and they instantly had a c...
preferences ; asoue  by amourdelune
preferences ; asoue by mari
'a series of unfortunate events' needs more recognition so enjoy this collection of asoue actor/actress preferences.
Pentacademy by Raven5555
Pentacademyby Raven
Five very different pupils have one thing in common. They are lonely. When their Headteacher buddies them up for the year, how will they cope?
The Moon, The Sun, and Everything Else by dwts_ballerina
The Moon, The Sun, and Everything...by Tay ❤
She was like the sun. Bright, always up, lived for a blue sky, and never quit smiling. He was like the moon. Made the dark skies a lot a bit brighter, and was always th...
My Little Sister by Raven5555
My Little Sisterby Raven
Scott (24) and Mitch (23) live together as roommates after moving from Texas together, with Scott's little sister Kirstie (23), who has a severe form of autism. Scott a...
100 words x 30 days -COMPLETED- by R3ad3r1
100 words x 30 days -COMPLETED-by R3ad3r1
I'm just trying to participate to #SePTXCC17. I hope you'll enjoy it! I don't know what you would find in this book: just be ready. I'll put warnings if needed: I prom...
Worried: A Scomiche Short Story by A_Thinking_Woman
Worried: A Scomiche Short Storyby A_Thinking_Woman
Mitch just sometimes has "bad days". The stress gets to be too much, the exhaustion catches up with him, and the anxiety just sets in. On these days, Scott is...
Opposites Attract by Blue_Rain_Drop
Opposites Attractby Blue_Rain_Drop
Avi Kaplan and Kirstie Maldonado are total opposites of each other. They can't stand each other one bit. But what happens when they become roomates?....
Distant by sunflowerdaze-
Distantby inactive
finished collab// Trigger Warnings// Rape and Physical Abuse Inspired by the one-shot "I'll Wait For You" by @AltoPentaholic Also a collab with: @AltoPentaho...
Falling - A Pentatonix Story by morningthunderstorms
Falling - A Pentatonix Storyby Sami
"I really really love you, and I don't think I will ever be able to stop saying that. Just so you know." "Well, I really really love you, and I think you'...
Mystery by sunflowerdaze-
Mysteryby inactive
in which Avi is a mystery and Mitch is the detective completed //
Ghostly Affair ( Book 2 ) by ObsessedwithTivi
Ghostly Affair ( Book 2 )by #1 Tim Foust FREAK!!
The sequel to "Unexpected House Guest". (Please read it first if you haven't already) This is the continuation of the relationship between Kirstie and her ghos...
Show You How To Love by ratchetpentaholic
Show You How To Loveby Rachedoodledoo
In this world, we get bracelets the day we are born. They count down until the time we meet out soul mate. Kirstie Maldonado and her best friends, who are soul mates, ar...
STA Studios Shit by invader_felix
STA Studios Shitby Felix💣
Because STA Studios doesn't have enough fan content, so I'm taking that into my own hands. There'll probably be art, headcanons, and maybe oneshots. No lemons, though...
Teri aadat  by rishikaxsidneetff
Teri aadat by rishikaxsidneetff
Teri aadat jo lagi he use kaise me bhulau........... ❤️ Peep into it to knowww moree💕
PTX Oneshots by SilverCatArts
PTX Oneshotsby Issa
"Anything happen while I was out?" They looked around at each other knowingly. "Nope."