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Mama I'm in love with a criminal by 1-800-Locomoco
Mama I'm in love with a criminalby I love locomoco
18 year old Zeke Rodriguez never believed in the monsters that hid under your bed or in the closet. He never thought that people could be one of those monsters either...
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My beloved pixie 🧚‍♀️ (boyxboy)  by walkingnerd25
My beloved pixie 🧚‍♀️ (boyxboy) by walkingnerd25
Tristan Sky has always been that shy nerdy kid who sat in the back and never liked the drama in school he liked every subject but loved history. He was always pretty sma...
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Babyboy Boyxboy by cantskatejones
Babyboy Boyxboyby cantskatejones
Everybody has something they hate about themselves more than anything. For Myles this thing was his last name. It represented violence and vengeance, both things he coul...
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Among The Darkness by LunaMoon1947
Among The Darknessby LunaMoon
Book #2 For the last six years, Tabari has been plagued by terrifying nightmares. His past haunting him, wherever he went his past would follow. Tabari is terrified of...
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Plum by osiriasworld
Plumby Luis
Joshua Wright is a seventeen year old high school kid with a deep hatred for the world and the people in it. He isn't a bad boy, nor part of the popular group, but he al...
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What a twist (BxM) by Plutonic54
What a twist (BxM)by Plutonic54
its kinda incest but not technically but pharoh is underaged so theres that. Also lots a smuts.
Dominating an Alley Cat (boyxboy) by BigNeptune
Dominating an Alley Cat (boyxboy)by Chubby and Blue
[A/N] This is a werecat story. Bxb. Gabriel is probably not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but he knows how to make some money in a tough situation. Crime. It's not r...
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Lover Boy by skewtonlama
Lover Boyby skewtonlama
People always say that everyone has a soulmate, and when you find that soulmate, you'll know. I'm starting to doubt that extensively.
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One Shots by tdhfrXD
One Shotsby tdhfrXD
Boyxboy, Manxboy, Fatherxson, TeacherxStudent, BrotherxBrother, FatherxSonxSon, Twins, Incest, Public This is my first try in doing one-shots in the English Language. I'...
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DAWN (Manxboy) by princescared
DAWN (Manxboy)by Princescared
Stephen was somewhat unique of all the others. He was an orphan, a beggar; child who grew up in the sidewalks of town. And what is worst.... He has no memory of his pas...
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ONLY YOU ( MPREG/ MANXBOY ) by beautyfingers
ONLY YOU ( MPREG/ MANXBOY )by beautyfingers
When you know that I love you Only you and no others But, you still ingnored me like I never existed I'm the one who loves you at first I'm the one who miss you when...
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Book Recommendations  by alexMarie3000
Book Recommendations by alexMarie3000
Recommendations of books that are of boyxboy and completed
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ManxMan Recommendations  by im_a_fabulous_bxtch
ManxMan Recommendations by Im_a_fabulous_bxtch
This is just a book of some of my favorite MxM stories that I really love and want to recommend to my readers so enjoy tell me if you like them and tell me if you see an...
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Spike's Diaries by ProfXXX
Spike's Diariesby Chris Sensei
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One night stand with a mafia boss ♡Jikook♡ by MonicaKenyamo
One night stand with a mafia Monica Kenyamo
Exactly what the title says😒😒
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The Soundtrack of Us by xSweetheartx
The Soundtrack of Usby xSweetheartx
Marcus Johnson spoke his dream job into existence and the Universe delivered-- with an unexpected side of love in the form of Christopher Roseland. While working to crea...
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Ungodly Sinners(MxB) by Xxsavage_soldier
Ungodly Sinners(MxB)by Just M
William Carters is the second eldest son of Emilia and James Carter,the famous surgeons in New York. William is the total opposite of his brother Noah who was outgoing,p...
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The Void of a Prince (bxb) by DaniellaIsTheName
The Void of a Prince (bxb)by Daniella Ortiz
Prince Remiul has the perfect life. He is of the most royal bloodline, destined to be king when his father retires. His parents are all around lovely people and the most...
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Beyond the Bedchamber by boyloveangel
Beyond the Bedchamberby Angel
Period, Historical, Fantasy AU short stories (Still gay smut though! lol) 1- The Wronged Rake (English Aristocrat au) 2- Southern Comfort (fantasy American south) 3- The...
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Fight for Peace And Love by SpinChibi
Fight for Peace And Loveby Spinchibi@
[Warning! This is Machine Translated] Author: Xī Zǐxù Novel updates summary: Uke: I am still alone because I am obsessed with building socialism. Seme: I am still alone...
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