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Alpha Moretti by lemonsunflower
Alpha Morettiby 🌻
*COMPLETED* Liam always thought that his first lover and best friend would turn out to be his mate. But after him leaving for two years, and the contact between them dis...
The Great Rouge King    (BoyXMan) by shyshySun
The Great Rouge King (BoyXMan)by ɴɪɢʜᴛʟʏʏ Isᴏʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
Rouge's do indeed hunt in packs, live in packs. One pack in particular has a ruthless leader who stops at nothing to get what is his. Many packs with Alphas fear him and...
Loving My Mom's Boss by jevv__prince
Loving My Mom's Bossby prince jevv
Because of a accident in the lab at school Aiden have to go with his mom to work.That's when his life change for the better
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy) by -Mayson-
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy)by Mayson Thayer
I couldn't see him that well from this angle, but I could tell he dressed expensively. He wore nice dress pants with a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. The watc...
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The Deaf and The Rich by lil_porg
The Deaf and The Richby jinkies
When Joshua Crane's life begins to crumble around him, him and his brother must move to London. The new place and people don't comfort him at all. He runs but as he does...
宮殿 Gōngdiàn×The Palace by tashany56
宮殿 Gōngdiàn×The Palaceby tashany56
當蔡仁遇見皇帝的時候,他永遠不會有新的東西。 Fall.... Plum blossom scattered the dirt road of fu shang, dawn is setting over the mountain as a boy leaves his village and his mu quin for life...
Love Isn't the Only Thing That's Blind. by MilitaryBound03
Love Isn't the Only Thing That's Trish Corn
Axel Lancaster was a mostly normal child, but when his brother gets shot and killed. When his mother, Caroline, drove Axel to the hospital to see his brother, they get...
Gay smut by SisterisSh00k
Gay smutby 0DD1ZZY
Hello :) I will be trying to make bxb mxb smut No there will not be any stories by any of these smuts...unless y'all like one then maybe....but at the momento my answer...
Black. Lace. Panties. by FanofFans6
Black. Lace. Fan of Fans
Black. Lace. Panties. What more can I say about a 21-year-old who has never experienced any type of love or romance in his life goes to work for a single father who was...
The Shy Boy And The Dragon  by kaylachloe
The Shy Boy And The Dragon by kayla
Alex is a shy 19 year old starting his new job at the local library. Being his old high schools top nerd he didnt have any friends so Alex usually spends his time with h...
Closeted Double Life by ptvpayne
Closeted Double Lifeby ptvpayne
Johnny used to have typical teenage with little worries like his grades, social life, and being a closeted bisexual. Now he faces even bigger problems when his mom's hot...
Taking It Slow (possibly discontinued) by MarvelArtist
Taking It Slow (possibly MarvelArtist
Ian is 16 years old and is gay. He came out of the closet when he was 10 and lets just say his parents didn't take it too well. Justin is a 28 year old actor. He liv...
Pregnant For The Mafia Boss by jevv__prince
Pregnant For The Mafia Bossby prince jevv
Pregnant For The Mafia Boss
The Orc Warrior and the Soft Man  by feeguc
The Orc Warrior and the Soft Man by feeguc
Please check out my new orc mm fantasy, The Orc and His Horse Boy! It promised to be even better than my last two! Ian had always been large, thick. He couldn't think...
Falling for.... my super hot new teacher!?! (manxboy) by Alphabeta421
Falling for.... my super hot new Alphabeta🐺
Asher is 17 almost 18 and ready to come out of the closet to his friends and family. What he isn't ready for though is the school finding out and falling for his super h...
Property of Daddy by Meowth01
Property of Daddyby Meowth
[Adopted from Guzmasboi] "'Look, Baby,' Caleb smirked, his buff arms crossed in front of his massive chest as he blocked the doorway, 'I know that you're not exactl...
Smut Writing Practice (Rick x Morty.).  by CopiCopiYT
Smut Writing Practice (Rick x pastellee
Hiya, so it is 5AM , and I am extrenely bored. I haven't slept for approximately 24 hours, so , yeah. This is all mostly Rickitory (Rick x Morty.) No, no backstory, just...
The Moon Wolf Diaries- a Gay Werewolf Novel by JayDioncelEvers
The Moon Wolf Diaries- a Gay Jarrick DeWaine Exum
"The Sun and Moon Royals" Trilogy #1 ****************** After being rejected by a heartless Alpha werewolf, Carson Hadley undergoes a life-changing journey fro...
Healer of Sakkara by OwlieCat
Healer of Sakkaraby SG Gardner
17-year-old Galen lives with his adoptive father in a small province called Thryn. He doesn't look like the other people there, and the only clue he has to his true orig...
Lives of the "Gays" by TravisBrooks116
Lives of the "Gays"by MasonReed
Chase has always been the cheerful, happy kid that lights up any room and makes anyone feel positive. He always has a smile on his school the is. You see Chase...