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Daddy????????????? by danesh800
Daddy?????????????by @finding doreen
Theo was a little but he didn't know that he just knew that he likes childish things and the color green and pink typical. Zane is a billionaire who has no one to share...
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Love Uncaged  by AriesCiel
Love Uncaged by Aries Ciel
Story between a half snake half human man that buys a half human half mouse boy from the black market where boys like that were sold as food to men like him. (Many year...
The Bars Between (MxM) by xKingFrogx
The Bars Between (MxM)by xKingFrogx
Normally, when you find a man alone in a cell in the deepest parts of the castle, you leave and don't look back. This is especially true when the man is a known criminal...
HOLLOW ━ klaus mikaelson x male!oc! by inkpilferer
HOLLOW ━ klaus mikaelson x male!oc!by soft weeb
Klaus drags the tips of his fingers from the middle of Zero's chest down to his soft stomach. "Purr for me," he murmurs hotly, equal parts commanding and posse...
Morozova's pup by x_werewolf_stories
Morozova's pupby Spaghetti Bolognese
O N H O L D / E X T R E M E L Y S L O W U P D A T E S MxB Mature Slow updates #1 in mxb
enchanted by you by mountdrivez
enchanted by youby Mountplayz
Charles Leclerc 20 year old student In College. Huge f1 fan specially for Scuderia Ferrari. Sunshine and loves physical touch. Carlos Sainz 31 year old f1 driver for Scu...
LOTUS | ManxBoy by erissss___
LOTUS | ManxBoyby ERIS
[PSYCHOLOGICAL | ANGST] "The fuck are you doing here?" I snap my head back up, and blink. Uhm. "Welcome to LOTUS. How can I help you-" "Shut up...
Broken Mates (snarry) by UniKitty321
Broken Mates (snarry)by UniKitty
In Harry's summer before his fourth year, he went through a horrible experience: leaving him bloody, depressed, and feeling dirty. Then, he goes through his early inher...
The Little Merman {A twist of love} by Poison_beri
The Little Merman {A twist of love}by Viola
Have you ever wondered how the little mermaid would be if Ariel was a male and she fell in love with the villain she was suppose to hate? Aric is king's Triton youngest...
Hesitate  by gmaker033
Hesitate by g maker
Zero was happy he had a normal life with a happy family that was until his mother decided to leave him and his father. Even if his mother told him that she would never c...
Daddies Kitten by Friendly_Dark
Daddies Kittenby Dapper Darkness
So yeah please read...... Description coming soon....
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Bl Oneshots 🤤 by Eatmyassallnight
Bl Oneshots 🤤by Cock Sperm producer
These are scenarios I make up in my head before bed 🤤 they go relatively fast because I'm impatient and they're really smutty so..... all of them are OCS I made unless...
My boss's Baby Boy(DISCONTINUED) by ThiccBish2307
My boss's Baby Boy(DISCONTINUED)by ThiccBish2307
Jackie is 22 year old Little boy who needs a job Jason is a 34 year old Dom who owns a business What happens when Jackie becomes Jason's new PA and Jason finds out that...
Imperfectly perfect  by SippingSpiffingTea
Imperfectly perfect by SippingSpiffingTea
Cornelius & Matthias Cornelius Tapio Wood, better known as 'Tao', is an albino that suffers from OCD and countless anxiety problems due to his rocky past. Matthias is...
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy) by -Mayson-
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy)by Mayson Thayer
I couldn't see him that well from this angle, but I could tell he dressed expensively. He wore nice dress pants with a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. The watc...
නසරාණියා by HinchiPinchi20
නසරාණියාby H&P Sisters
"කේතු දන්නවද මම කේතුට කොච්චරක් ආදරෙයි කියල ?" "හැමතිස්සෙම වචනෙන් නොකිව්වත් සර්ගෙ ඇස් මගේ ඇස් එක්ක පැටලෙනකොට ඒ දිලිසෙන ඇස්වලින් මට පේනවා සර් මට කොච්චර ආද...
Gay Smut Oneshots by gayones
Gay Smut Oneshotsby GayOneShotFella
*PREVIOUS STORY WAS DELETED AT 184K* Old chapters are being uploaded! Gay smutty one shots because I'm too horny to write out full stories. Enjoy! Please comment I love...
♡♡The Task Book♡♡ by owlheart132
♡♡The Task Book♡♡by gamer_who_can_read
This book is about a love spirit who possesses a boy who needs to complete his sexual task. This is a oneshot book my friend gave me the plot for. I gave her credit in t...
His Cinderella (DDLB) by AstridCostigo
His Cinderella (DDLB)by Astrid Costigo
-DISCONTINUED- Dylan Costigo He's not a prince but a self made millionaire, he didnt grew up within a palace surrounded with maids instead he grew up with nothing but po...
After a Flash Marriage With the Disabled Tyrant by Kessho_Yuki
After a Flash Marriage With the Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Author : 惗肆 Alternate Title : 和残疾巨佬闪婚后 Shi Yunnan was sent out of the country by his parents since he was young, and lived like an unloved child, but he still...