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slave to a viking by oreosundae123
slave to a vikingby -Alex-
she gets stolen by a raid of Vikings...
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Sofia Mandela and her soldiers [Part I And Part II] by miah43
Sofia Mandela and her soldiers [ miah43
Coming back from her trip in London Sofia finds out that her mother had cancer and it was her last day to live. Sofia stays with her heartbroken until she passed. The ne...
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Oceans Away by kewlkiwo
Oceans Awayby kewlkiwo
This is about a siren who falls in love with a human who was supposed to be her family's meal.
PREYED UPON by Nandileluke2
Zoë Adams and her parents go camping to try and reignite old sparks but little did she know that going on this trip would haunt her for the rest of her life even after m...
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We Like Plants  by Babycub2397
We Like Plants by Babycub2397
Just six guys working at a plant shop, nothing wrong with that. Or was it? A COMEDY-DRAMA MULTIFANDOM STORY
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✨TikTok murder✨ || swype house by springjayden
✨TikTok murder✨ || swype houseby ✨Swypehousestories✨
✨Everthing in the swype house is going great, but the one and only Chase Hudson makes the biggest mistake of his life and cheats on Charli making friends turn to enemies...
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Broken Beyond Repair by ha20438
Broken Beyond Repairby ha20438
Nightmare's gang have been working to create negativity for years. By doing this, they were called evil. but are they really evil? No one bothered to ask. Dream and Ink...
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Campfire of Desires {Murder Mystery Book} by UNHOLY_SCREEEECHING
Campfire of Desires {Murder Haha Ravenous go flappp
All these characters do not belong to me unless i state it! this is an " interactive " book for the people on wattpad! there will be two witnesses/innocents t...
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the dark side || jimin×reader by Zahrakhanarmybts
the dark side || jimin×readerby zahra khan
the dark side wich is hiden frm everyone not even my closest friend zoe know about it .....i am y/n and here is my story .........HOPE YOU ENJOY
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True Crime Collection by ErinFaithRichardson
True Crime Collectionby Erineena
A collection of true crime cases both solved and unsolved. This is not a way of being disrespectful towards anyone involved in any of these cases in any way, they are...
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MAFIA by ChiMmY4TifFaNy
MAFIAby xiao min tae
Alexander is the head of the largest criminal organization located in West Valley. He has two goals. Avenge his parents and reunite with his long lost brothers and siste...
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Kidnapped (Overhaul x Deku) by sam_bnha
Kidnapped (Overhaul x Deku)by sam
I'm just writing some random BNHA story
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A GANGSTER WANTS ME {BTS Jungkook} by NHernandezM
A GANGSTER WANTS ME {BTS Jungkook}by NHernandezM
{Junior year} "Lili that Senior keeps looking at you" Layla said looking at the second floor I then turned around and looked at the second floor and we made e...
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FLITE by iveychoi
FLITEby Ivey 🌱 미혜
As Monroe searches for what links JJ's disappearance to a death related to drug FLITE, she discovers he may not be the person she thought he was. ...
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Mahabharata is believed to be a story and a happening of revenges. Mostly the revenge that Draupadi wanted for her humiliation. Hridyaa Beth, who was living a happy lif...
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Monster  by GayaTri_n
Monster by GayaTri_n
Monster: Tale of revenge
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Killer by cococookielove
Killerby MidNlove
4 people from different friend groups are in a game. The readers can choose who to kill. Guesswho might be the killer. But if you choose wrong killer! The person you cho...
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The Killer | Taegyu by beominttae
The Killer | Taegyuby Bear with Squirrel
Who is he? The Anonymous Killer Who killed enormous people in order to let you see the truth "You must find him." In which Kang Taehyun is a highschool student...
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