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Tower Of God X Male Reader: Adventure Of Reincarnator(DROPPED) by Suprame1o1
Tower Of God X Male Reader: Advent...by Suprame1o1
Some random dude got a chance to reincarnate into the world of tog as a irregular. God said that, he can have 1 set of power of any fiction. What will happen if the powe...
I got transported and my appearance is my in-game character. by seiichiiiii
I got transported and my appearanc...by ays ber
Walter Prism, a high school drop-out and a NEET, he spends his whole day playing his favorite MMORPG Magnus Island a fantasy game with sword and magic. One day after he...
A New Life In Another World by acpro123
A New Life In Another Worldby acpro123
Damien didn't feel like he belonged in his world and wanted to live in another world. One day, he got his wish by a goddess named Zerris. She was known as the Goddess of...
Highschool DxD: The Demon God  by _maou_
Highschool DxD: The Demon God by QAQ
Lux Arcadia. That name, such a harmless name that can make 3 fractions faint, shake, scream, run, piss themselves, and make them scared to death. Even their leaders are...
IN ANOTHER WORLD AS A VAMPIRE  by lukeknightingale
IN ANOTHER WORLD AS A VAMPIRE by lukeknightingale
A boy died and transfer to another world. Good news it wasn't truck-san fault. Bad news it was the god. *I don't own any except the story*
Reincarnated As My Vampire Goddess by Arifeto
Reincarnated As My Vampire Goddessby Arifeto
Leia was a girl who lost it all, her life, her friends, her family, all she had left was her world. Well her paper, when she lot her ability to move she wrote and sketch...
I never run out of mana by Kyaroru-Sama
I never run out of manaby Kyaroru-Senpai
Have you ever seen a hunter spamming infinite meteors? That's me. It is now 40 years after monsters started appearing in the world and with it, Awakened. Min-Cheol feels...
Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empire by Volmatriax
Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empireby Aleon Arc
Y/N a 16 year old boy who was at school with his classmates was suddenly transported into the world of Azur Lane. he and the others was ask to join them and fight agains...
Zero Class Irregular || Isekai Series by FlameTFA
Zero Class Irregular || Isekai Ser...by Flame
Kazuki Kuro was just an casual high school otaku who lived a terrible life. As everyday he was always abused, bullied and discriminated by his classmates. One day, a mag...
Azur Lane:The Anomaly by Volmatriax
Azur Lane:The Anomalyby Aleon Arc
Y/N a normal boy who likes to watch the anime Space Battleship Yamato and always dream of riding on a real spaceship but one day when he was heading home a storm suddenl...
Highschool DxD: Sacred Gear Plunderer  by Gil_Fullbring
Highschool DxD: Sacred Gear Plunde...by CrazyWhatIfs
Issei Hyoudou von Einzbern is the son of the ex-Maoh Zor'ol Hyoudou and the greatest human mage in history, getting the attention of all the factions. In this story, Iss...
Reincarnated in Another World with Gates of Babylon and Trace on by Gil_Fullbring
Reincarnated in Another World with...by CrazyWhatIfs
Haruto Takahashi was a normal highschool student until he was robbed and killed. When he woke up, he was in another world in Kid Gilgamesh's body Record: #2 on Gilgamesh...
Walking On A Different World As I Make My Own Path. by 11Kaneki11
Walking On A Different World As I...by Devon Carter
I met god and the devil fighting as soon as i woke up and they asked me where do you want to go heaven or hell. On the spar of the moment i said nethier. Due to that ans...
Path to Godhood by Daoist-Infinity
Path to Godhoodby Daoist-Infinity
Ryuhei Minamoto, an SSS rank assassins with tens of billions of dollars bounty on his head, killed a large number of people before he retired. Now on his death bed, he d...
Reincarnated with the power that surpassed Gods! by isekai_writer
Reincarnated with the power that s...by Shwoot
Sora Ashiban is a 17 year old boy who was bullied in school because he made fun of a super popular guy, Reita, once. As he was going about his usual day, daily dose of h...
Black Clover: Golden Hope (Male Reader x Black Clover) by Lynxwarlord12
Black Clover: Golden Hope (Male Re...by Lynxwarlord12
This is a story about our hero that was born with two of the most powerful magic attributes out there. He aspires to be the next wizard king, along with his childhood f...
Reborn as the Black Dragon Emperor (Ongoing) by ShadowFox711
Reborn as the Black Dragon Emperor...by ShadowFox711
I am Suragi Kanzashiro, I had a great life before this but I just had to go be the hero, and look what that got me, KILLED. but because my final breath was spent to save...
Transferred to a Fantasy World and Reborn as a God by QuietlyMomoko
Transferred to a Fantasy World and...by °Д°_Momo_°Д°
Nakajima Yuuji, a normal 16-year-old high schoolar you would see in daily life. Seen as a imposter of his family, an eyesore to his classmates, an unwanted trouble to hi...
Aeon The Primordial Void God. by Volmatriax
Aeon The Primordial Void God.by Aleon Arc
Aeon a young 18 year old boy that died when he was killed by a moving truck as unfortunately for our young man fate has other plans for him as he wakes up in another wor...
The Legendary F Rank by ZeroThings
The Legendary F Rankby Zero
Haru was the best mage in the Japanese army. Building up a amazing reputation before deciding to give up his life in the military and settle down. His plans were cut sh...