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Adventure of All Verse by GlitchPlayer123
Adventure of All Verseby Elise The True Infinite ∞
Elise has die from car crash and got a soul transported to Absolute!Creator by one of the God Mistake Glitch will give you 5 wish. Thank You For 1,000 Vote I'm not g...
My Farm Within by evolyrolf
My Farm Withinby Benjamin Patromo
A lifetime full of regrets, a second chance he gets and advanced system cheats. Genesis is a dying old man. He Lives in a small land surrounded by ricefields. Before hi...
The Dragon Emperor of Void (Male Reader X Highschool DxD) by -Dark_Villain-
The Dragon Emperor of Void (Male R...by -Dark_Hero-
Y/n just a normal man, until one day he die because been crashed with street light. When he wake up, he find himself as a teenager back. He then find a letter and it a l...
Vast Sand (Bleach x M! Reader) by Pathrisha2007
Vast Sand (Bleach x M! Reader)by Pathrisha2007
Our dear Filipino protagonist was a teacher in a very popular school in Japan. He was one of those teachers who has a very unique way of teaching and has many ways to ma...
Welcome to Hell. by FrozenQuasar
Welcome to Hell.by Azure Grimmoire
Hello, Welcome to hell, You have the Omni System Mk 6, And we hope you enjoy you're stay. "WHAT THE FU-"
The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, the former Shadow Monarch and King of the Dead... Ashborn. He merely wanted serenity during his entire life and when he eventua...
Reincarnated in High School DxD  by TresthanJhonEata
Reincarnated in High School DxD by ¥XaViEr
Satomi Haru- a 35-year old salaryman who lived as an Otaku until now, accidentally drink a poisonous liquid that he mistaken as a cola while watching the anime called Hi...
IN ANOTHER WORLD AS A VAMPIRE  by lukeknightingale
IN ANOTHER WORLD AS A VAMPIRE by lukeknightingale
A boy died and transfer to another world. Good news it wasn't truck-san fault. Bad news it was the god. *I don't own any except the story*
Command And Conquer Red Alert 3: War Of The Quantum Sea by AleonCybrium
Command And Conquer Red Alert 3: W...by AleonCybrium
Azur Lane an organization that is built to unite nations into one alliance to fight one common enemy the sirens but even then unity does not always go well with each oth...
The Kpop Gamer by LimpingChicken
The Kpop Gamerby LimpingChicken
Author's Note: This story is a bit slow-paced since I'm trying to build his character. Please be patient with me Y/N lived a miserable life. He is always being bullied...
Aeon The Primordial Void God. by Volmatriax
Aeon The Primordial Void God.by Aleon Arc
Aeon a young 18 year old boy that died when he was killed by a moving truck as unfortunately for our young man fate has other plans for him as he wakes up in another wor...
Being Of Power (DxD X Super OP Oc) by tTthHomAsS
Being Of Power (DxD X Super OP Oc)by tTthHomAsS
A young man dies and is given the choice to reincarnate with whatever wishes he desires, he has 2 wishes He chose to go to the DxD world and chooses 2 OP sacred gears, c...
Azur Lane:The Anomaly by Volmatriax
Azur Lane:The Anomalyby Aleon Arc
Y/N a normal boy who likes to watch the anime Space Battleship Yamato and always dream of riding on a real spaceship but one day when he was heading home a storm suddenl...
Slow Prison Life by ShiNanXiao
Slow Prison Lifeby Shin
During a party one evening in the royal palace, Rachel, the eldest daughter of Duke Ferguson, was reproached by Prince Elliot for sins she didn't remember committing and...
guardian of gaia (gundam x Fate stay) by NheyanDelaMasa
guardian of gaia (gundam x Fate st...by Nheyan Dela Masa
this is what if kai jackson the mc of the story guardian of Remnant was transferred to gaia the home of world fate series. and will join he quest of protecting the peopl...
The Twist Of Fate by Glass_Reaper
The Twist Of Fateby Keystone
Cason was weak, he was always getting over-shadowed by his sibling. No one would bat an eye when he was bullied, he would always try and help as much as he could but he...
The One Who Knows Everything by black_no_heart15
The One Who Knows Everythingby Dante
Kazahana Fuyu, or Kaza, for short is a mage who is 3,000 years old. He was once a hero and loved by many, but Kaza got tired of the constant threat that lingured around...
Percy Jackson: the heir of the fire by grandmega154
Percy Jackson: the heir of the fireby the void monarch
Kaen kage is the demigod son of Surya and the grandson of Susanoo he lives in new York city with his mother he was giving the mission by not just his father and granddad...
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Tyranny of a god (Evangelion Isekai) by Cr33p0
Tyranny of a god (Evangelion Iseka...by Brimstone
The story follows after 2.0 when the third impact takes place. It follows the story of a high school boy (no relation to Shinji or main characters at all) who has just b...
Walking On A Different World As I Make My Own Path. by 11Kaneki11
Walking On A Different World As I...by Devon Carter
I met god and the devil fighting as soon as i woke up and they asked me where do you want to go heaven or hell. On the spar of the moment i said nethier. Due to that ans...