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The Murder of Hoseok [COMPLETE] by sugashadow23
The Murder of Hoseok [COMPLETE]by Huajai♡
You are a detective. Someone is the murderer. And Hoseok... is dead.
The Swiss Murder | Completed by MahaTaqi
The Swiss Murder | Completedby Maha Taqi
*** Featured in Wattpad's official Mystery account's list, "Featured Mystery/Thriller" *** ***Featured in Wattpad's official Mystery account's list, "Ha...
The Secrets of Cedar Creek by aurora_rain
The Secrets of Cedar Creekby Aurora
There's something right about Sylv. It's the way he makes Rose feel when he touches her. It's the way he can make her smile. It's the way they can be together for hours...
His Dark Obsession by sanamirza21
His Dark Obsessionby sanamirza21
Ian meets Tara at a club. To his dismay, so does his friend. Tara ends up falling for Jake and Ian can do nothing but get out of the way. Ian, however, cannot help havin...
Secrets Worth Killing For by AbbyRoseTyler
Secrets Worth Killing Forby a.r. tyler
While investigating the mysterious deaths of three girls in the remote town of Briarwood, Detective Evan O'Riley tries to solve a cold case of the town's serial killer f...
Pieces of You by KateNorth
Pieces of Youby Katie
A perfect town is hiding ugly secrets. One dead body. One missing person. And a killer who is only just getting started... Blaire Olsen is the girl everybody wants to be...
Mrs Malkin (owner) by Charmed_Sunshine_22
Mrs Malkin (owner)by Charms
New Description: Ragini just wants to take revenge on the people who wronged her mother as well as killed her. She has seen the person who killed Janki but suspects eith...
𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐄 𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘. ( 𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐤 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐧 ) by heartofgIass
𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐄 𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘. ( 𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐤 𝐦 riley ✿
On paper, Genevieve Taylor was a shoo-in to the BAU. Her background in the US Army's Special Forces and the FBI's Crimes Against Children Division gave her unique specia...
Falling bullets✔ by bbynim
Falling bullets✔by ℬ𝒷𝓎⇴
❝Dont waste bullets, baby girl. Instead, what do you say we kick some criminal ass❞ Nobody would have imagined a group of eleven teenage highschool kids to unravel a ser...
When the Violin Sings by ad_meliora
When the Violin Singsby Maeve
[LGBTQ+ New Adult Fiction] On the evening of October 8th, violinist and college student Noel Miller is murdered in a mysterious explosion. The primary suspect? Her girl...
The Murder of Tsutako Tomioka by Sanegiyuulife
The Murder of Tsutako Tomiokaby Kalone Meno
Sanegiyuu fanfiction. Sanemi the best detective is going to have to figure out between eight suspects who is the killer of Ms. Tsutako Tomioka. So let's get ready and ge...
You Should Bow to the Sea God by shadowgrace0630
You Should Bow to the Sea Godby S.h.a.d.o.w.g.r.a.c.e.
"Poseidon is dead." Three words had sent Percy Jackson's life spiralling out of his control. Percy who had turned down being an immortal at the age of seventee...
Expect The Unexpected {s.h x reader} by writingsbygrace
Expect The Unexpected {s.h x grace
"Well, Y/N Watson, Expect the unexpected." You were supposed to visit your brother, John, for only a couple of weeks. His curious flat mate hadn't expected suc...
Out of Your Control - a Hermitcraft AU by TheNeonMeer
Out of Your Control - a ‼️On Hiatus ‼️
Hey so here's an idea I had in mind. This story takes place on the Hermitcraft season 7 server and all the hermits are thrown into a war after gaining special abilities...
In Cold Blood (A Tntduo Fic)  by that-one-emo-enby
In Cold Blood (A Tntduo Fic) by Name/pronouns in bio
Idea from myundeadgayson on tumblr! I changed a few things and added even more but the original idea is by them! Tw for smoking, mentions of death, swearing, and all the...
The story starts from March 2009, when Riddhima Dasgupta, the lead character, was a 15 year old girl. At a very young age she faced the real world, but rather than getti...
The Devil In Disguise by deainlustris
The Devil In Disguiseby Dea Inlustris
Every night, when I closed my eyes, his image would be branded to the backs of my eyelids. That same smile, so gorgeous yet so deadly. Those deep blue eyes, like the tre...
Official Town Business (Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries Book I) by kkolmakov
Official Town Business (Fox & Katya Kolmakov
Imogen 'Mops' Fox is the personal assistant of the Mayor of the small rural town of Fleckney Woulds. According to all clichés, she's madly in love with her unaware worka...
Easy Innocence by LibbyHellmann
Easy Innocenceby Libby Fischer Hellmann
How far will teen girls go for approval from their peers? Pretty far, it turns out. When pretty, smart Sara Long is found bludgeoned to death, it's easy to blame the man...
Never Have I Ever by Rebecca-Jade
Never Have I Everby Rebecca-Jade
High schooler, Helena Gallagher is still recovering from life's latest tragedy when chaos occurs. Another murder. Only this one is much closer to home. And when fingers...