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The Walking Dead Clementine x Male Reader by Deotakukids
The Walking Dead Clementine x Deotakukids
You were a simple boy as you lived with your mom and dad. You went to school and played soccer. One day though your teacher went crazy and all students had to leave scho...
The walking dead S2 (Clem x male reader)  by krigofalltrades18
The walking dead S2 (Clem x male Krigofalltrades13
It's been two years, since the dead started walking and two kids have been surviving it sense then, Y/N and Clementine. They had others protect them, but they died or go...
TWDG S3: THE NEW FRONTIER. (A Male reader X Clementine story).  by krigofalltrades18
TWDG S3: THE NEW FRONTIER. (A Krigofalltrades13
The world has been in shambles after the walker apocalypse for years now. People has either died or gone crazy and killed others for scraps or even turned into the flesh...
Partners(ClementineXMaleReader) by ___Andrei
Partners(ClementineXMaleReader)by Andrei
Y/N ran away from his family after getting abused both physically and mentally due to his kindness and calmness which was considered a weakness in his family. When all h...
The Joker X Male Reader One-Shots by Peramess
The Joker X Male Reader One-Shotsby Peramess
(WARNING): Lemons (sexual content/details), Lime (more sexual content/details), Swearing (cussing), Gore (bloody details/content). (POSTS): Only on Sunday.
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Male!Clementine x Female!Reader) by LayceJ25
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier ( RJ
When family is all you have far will you go to protect it? After society was ripped apart by undead hands, pockets of civilization emerge from the chaos. But...
TWDG: THE FINAL SEASON. (Clem x Male reader.)  by krigofalltrades18
TWDG: THE FINAL SEASON. (Clem x Krigofalltrades13
They've fought hard for 10 years. They've seen terrible things and done things even worse that no child should ever do. But they fight for one reason and one reason only...
The Walking Dead: The Scars Of A Survivor(ClementinexMaleReader) by ___Andrei
The Walking Dead: The Scars Of A Andrei
Y/N is a boy who got sent to Ericson's Boarding School For Troubled Youth for always getting into fights with other kids even going as far as to pull a knife on them. He...
TFS (Clementine x Male Reader) by Curse64
TFS (Clementine x Male Reader)by Curse
Just be aware, this is The Finale Season expect you're in it too and of course, you romance Clementine <3
TWDG- Louis x Reader 【oneshots】18+  by TallestOfThemAll
TWDG- Louis x Reader 【oneshots】 🖤xXŠtøvÿxX🖤
Disclaimer: you don't need to be 18 or over to read this, it's just some of the chapters in this book may be explicit and I don't want to take anyone's purity away :') ...
Love Makes Life Beautiful.. by manasanvsl
Love Makes Life manasa lakshmi
#23 rank on 24/01/17 #30 rank on 23/01/17 Aadya, 23 year well studied, rich, caring, sweet girl has everything she needed. Best parents, supporting brother, loving frien...
Borderlands Scenerios by Tranquil_Writer
Borderlands Sceneriosby Tranquil Writer
Just some random scenerios that i come up with or that are requested. You may request any characters(below are the characters that are currently in the book) from the ga...
Malformed (Ericson Kids) by onihs_
Malformed (Ericson Kids)by shino.
Clementine Marsh is a troubled girl with a dark past. After her father died, she just changed. Her mother didn't like her attitude so she sent her away to change. She en...
break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored as f*ck by clouistine
break up with your girlfriend, i' certified momo stan
clementine everett ; - formerly known as clementine marsh, her parents died in a accident clementine doesn't like talking about, and lee everett and carley everett adopt...
Violetine | One-Shots by hayden-writes-stuff
Violetine | One-Shotsby rarely here-
"I think...I mean - I hope we're more than friends. And I want us to be, like, together. Hm, you know, like, girlfriends." "I...yeah. Me too. I mean.. yes...
Search for the last Hope. (A Clementine x Male Reader short story).  by krigofalltrades18
Search for the last Hope. (A Krigofalltrades13
After a year of finding something else to not give up hope, Clementine and her boyfriend, Y/N find out that A.J is alive and is on the search for him through a world ful...
TellTale Batjokes: Smut and fluff  by carponastick
TellTale Batjokes: Smut and fluff by carponastick
After about a year of them living together, what are two friends, who both like each other, to do? Smut and nsfw eventually. This story has everything from fluff to lem...
Fight Forever Rewrite! by Curse64
Fight Forever Rewrite!by Curse
You've been in groups here and there before you found residence in a community, called Richmond. You thought you finally had a good home, one worth defending, but that a...
*Rewrite Available!* Fight Forever (Clementine x Male Reader) by Curse64
*Rewrite Available!* Fight Curse
After leaving Ericson's to clear her mind for a bit, Clementine gets ambushed and kidnapped by some left over Delta. When she thought she had no way of getting out, she...
coffee shop | clouis  by lovelillis
coffee shop | clouis by 𝑳𝒊𝒍𝒍𝒊🕊
☕️ ; "actually... i hate coffee." who knew a cup of coffee could bring two people together? TWDG; [ modern au ]